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Jade – Dont Walk Away (JAW JAM 3 A.M. Dub)

more 90s childhood bubblegum r&b pop that everybody loved from the clubs to the radios to even your moms and the youngsters played it loud in their bedrooms while ‘kriss krossing’ it out to the tunes of Aalyiah, Jodci, Michael Jackson and Tupac while you were watching the Animaniacs. Reworked to match the current state of the art. well done

Seven Lions ft. Birds of Paradise – She Was

Young Mr Steampunk is back with a heavy bass twisting affair, still true to his unique melodic spin on the modern day dubstep, but with the vocal assistence of the chanteuse Birds of Paradise that sounds like a perfect musical cast for any Peter Jackson JR Tolkien adaption . This guys gonna go big time sooner or later with his style, and he will be copied over and over – i see it starting already. His sounds not everyones cup of tea, but i know a guy that knows a guy, that knows another hundred thousand guys… taken from his new ‘DAYS to come’ EP.


Seven Lions ft. Birds of Paradise – She Was

Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – You Got To Go (Seven Lions Remix) on Felix Baumgartners jump from space.