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Here to uplift those special moments free of time.

Pure Summer Vibes! “Apple of My Eye” by Jesse Whitney

Here is a friend of mine whom i met on Zoom (what a sad world that is), who then told me he was doing music while we talked about lizards, UFOs, conspiracies and Wikileaks and stuff…
Well send it he did! He made a super, uber-sweet beach, reggae, folky songwriter tune and it’s *****ing mindblowingly lovely! Play it at all summer, play at your garden party, play it in your barnhouse, play it on your balcony with your loved one! A proper 100% YUM YUM top tune, for the late night hours on the beach… Really wants me make a new Mixtape!
Proper music, not just some soundbytes to torture your brains memory center (actually lol’ed while writing this). Jesse is straight out of Melbourne, and spent some time in Berlin, where the hook-up happened, and although i am officially on team Sidney, simply bc my good friend Mat McHugh is from there, i should be biased (i am)  but this tune is some sweet, sweet summer wine. Check out “Apple of my Eye”!

ps. usually i would have posted a sunny beach pic like this, but Jesse has an unusally good so i had to repost it!
Jesse Whitney on Spotify . His Spotify profile pic says it all! Great guy!

#ChromeLoves: YY : MM – High Up! (Lyric Video & Spotify Release)

Oh so many news to tell you! I thought about editing this first post on ChromeMusic about our most favorite project we are working on right now. But I decided to take you with us on this journey and to give you the chance to see our whole story and effort we put in this by heart. You might notice we changed our cover design and hope you like it!

So the news is…The YUM YUM’s are now available on Spotify! Their first Single with the Australian talent Mat McHugh called High Up! is officially out and this is something we want to share with you!

Add the song to your playlist, share it with your friends & make sure to follow The YUM YUM’s & Mat McHugh!

(Enough Marketing)

Oh no. Wait. There is a tour coming in September and we’d love to see you on the dancefloor with us. Check the dates and get you tickets here!

Facebook Event *Live in Berlin*
Facebook Event *Live in Hamburg*

Our beloved friend and my hero of visuals and animation Chris did this wonderful lyric video. Thank you for improving our ideas and going the way with us since the beginning. We all are going to Berlin in September to shoot a little teaser video. Mat is coming over to play live with the YUM YUM’s in Germany and Holland. Stay tuned for the video and get your insights into rehearsal sessions, live recordings and the ticket to fly with us.

Meanwhile watch the Lyric Video on Tanz Dich Glücklich

lyric video

And the most love goes to my soulmate, partner, best friend & producer of this wonderful music. Thank you for filling my life with such good vibes. I am proud of you every day!

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The YUM YUM’s : Facebook ::: Soundcloud ::: Spotify
Mat McHugh: Facebook ::: Soundcloud ::: Spotify

5 Years Of Sweet Serenade // The Complete Collection In Good Quality // Right Here Right Now

sweet serenade

“If you think sunshine brings you happiness,

then you haven’t danced in the rain.”


If there ever was a motto for this Mixtape series it’s pretty much summed up in the subtitle: Give you the heavens and the sunshine. What was meant by that becomes obvious when listening to the each of the series. Throughout the years there was always music needed to accompany you on your travels and every path taken appears to be a new and fresh journey – so this is what these mixes are about. The many listeners have thanked me for so many new artists they have found with the Sweet Serenade Mixtapes often and I open heartedly appreciate that. It was often demanded that we release these mixes as official Albums, but what’s the difference – at most its the quality – so here you go – the entire bundle as High quality versions. And one more thing – share it with your friends just like we have shared it with everyone else, your friends in real life not on your social media nets :)).

sweet serenade

Ps: Dear friends, below you’ll find a Bandcamp Playlist that runs for about 7h. So press play and let the music have you smooth sailing through your daily routines. No matter if its regular work, studying, daydreaming or simply swaying away in your hammoks. Appreciate life.

“Sweet Serenade Vol 6” Compiled And A Little Bit Mixed By Chrome & Coco

Sweet Serenade vol 6

“Life is a dancer and you are the dance.”

– Taoist Proverb

It often feels as if life is a dance, that you dont know yet. Then you try to pick it up. To do this you think you have to learn the right steps and feel the rhythm. Sometimes its easy if someone is around to guide you. Someone who takes your hand and shows you the right steps. You can let yourself go and dont have to think about the moves but just follow the steps of the other one. Until he/she lets you go because you both believe that now you know the right steps. You are certain that now you have understood the steps and that you know the dance. And maybe you will go on dancing a bit longer, still the music in your head. But soon you will trip over your own feet, will make a step in the wrong direction. You will lose the rhythm and try to remember the sequences and the right steps. But you simply don’t remember anymore and can’t get it right. You have to stop since it wasn’t your dance – to begin with.

So you get back up, thinking you can learn the dance alone. You are certain that if you excercise long enough you will be able to understand the dance and that one day you will be able to dance it. Somewhen. But that is not going to happen. You will only have sore feet, will be so exhausted and out of breath that you have to stop. You will spin in circles that you will get you dizzy and you will have to sit down. And that’s where it all starts anew and you will ask yourself: “Why am i not able to learn that dance, since it is my life?”

Sweet Serenade Vol 6

And if you are still in that very moment, and dont move to any kind of choreography, but instead maybe just listen to the song playing in the background… maybe you will understand that there is no such thing as a dance that you can learn. Because you are the dance yourself – and your life is the dancer.

This Sweet Serenade came to life through one of these still moments. Since our dance only becomes complete with the music.

Enjoy your dance…

…and share it with your friends and loved ones… or simply with the whole world. Big push buttons below :)

Ps. All Sweet Serenade Mixes Now In Good Quality (Link)


Sweet Serenade Vol 6 Tracklist:

The Head & The Heart – Let’s Be Still
Ed Sheeran – I See Fire
Luke Sital-Singh – Nothing Stays The Same
Gabrielle Aplin – Home
Caroline Glaser – Money Tree
Edie Brickell – Go Where The Love Is
Junip – Line Of Fire
Release The Sunbird – Best Thing For Me
Iron And Wine – Low Light Buddy Of Mine
The Lumineers – This Must Be The Place (naive Melody)
First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining
Tom Misch & Carmody – The Last Song
The Lumineers – Stubborn Love
The Night IV – Thinking Bout You (Frank Ocean Cover)
The Tallest Man on Earth – A Lion’s Heart
Sarah Jaffe – Mannequin Woman
Lewis Watson – Into the Wild
Sandra McCracken – Go
The Beautiful Girls – Freedom pt 2, ft. Mason Jennings

Chrome Music presents “Barfuss Boogie” Mixtape by Chrome [Sweet Serenade by Night]

Just in time for our Birthday Party on Saturday we present to you a new mixtape series “Barfuss Boogie”. Destined for those hot summer nights n moments, no matter what time of year it may be and no matter where you are . This one is for you Honeybees and Lovers..

Ps. We are taking our previous mixtape series “Sweet Serenade” to the floor with this one. Have fun wherever you are and ‘whoever’ you may be right now. Peace :)


YUM YUM Folk Mixtape “Sweet Serenade” Vol 5 – compiled & a little bit mixed by chrome

Sweet Serenade Vol 5

I hope you enjoy this brandnew Sweet Serenade. Let the music speak for itself and everything i wrote the last time fits here 100% – A new Sweet Serenade mixtape, when travelling the sunny lands or hanging out anyplace in the sunshine and enjoying nature and life. And even if you are somewhere completly different i hope you feel the warm rays through this music i selected. Mind the subtitle “Give you the heavens and the sunshine”. Enjoy the warm days, this summer, this very moment and everything you do. Let the music be your companion.

Full Tracklist:
  1. “Pillow Talk” Wild Child
  2. “Dancing in the Dark” Beerjacket
  3. “Never, Never” SBTRKT
  4. “Into the Wilderness” Burning Hearts
  5. “October” Broken Bells
  6. “Go Outside” Chamberlin
  7. “Always on Time” Town Hall
  8. “No Diggity” Chet Faker
  9. “Truth” Alexander Ebert
  10. “Truth – Handsome Boy Modeling School w Roisin Murphy
  11. “Record Collector” Lissie
  12. “Beautiful” Oliver Tank
  13. “Numb” Mat McHugh
  14. “Creep” Ingrid Michaelson
  15. “Say, Say, Say” Kesang Marstrand
  16. “Don’t dream its over” Reid Jamieson
  17. “Into the Black” Chromatics
  18. “Pumped up Kicks” Chamberlain
  19. “Loneliness” Mat McHugh
  20. “All the Colours” Angus + Julia Stone
  21. “Brutal Hearts” Bedouin Soundclash & Coeur de Pirate
  22. “Follow the Sun” Xavier Rudd
  23. “King and Lionheart” – Of Monsters and Men
  24. “Orange Sky” Alexi Murdoch

Variant Cover:

Sweet Serenade Vol 5 on Mixcloud