First YUM YUM NRW in Dortmund @ Bakuda this Saturday

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Bender StancilOn Saturday 29th we’re having our big premiere @ Bakuda in Dortmund. You can find directions via Google Maps. Doors will be open by 23.
We handed out a mix cd for people to make a picture of our sound and the tunes we’ll be playing. For all of you who didn’t get a copy we uploaded the whole mix (a full 17 tunes) and you can downoad it via ZSHARE. Plus you’ll find the cover here.

Last weekend we produced some vinyl stancils and we’re about to hang them up tonight in Dortmund. Normally they are gone within minutes. So if you see any of them grab them. Hope you enjoy them hanging around as much as we do. Actually a reminder for YUM YUM in Dortmund.

We’ll psot the spots where they’ll hang by tonight. Enjoy!

StancilLike promised here are the pictures of the stancils we hung up yesterday.
Sorry for being a little late.

Let’s go on a paper chase! Or schnitzel hunt as the Germans say.