Skillz – Adam (DJ AM Tribute)

I don’t really know when this pic was taken, 2002/2003 i guess. We were young, Adam & me just finished DJing that night after having raided several second hand record stores in Stuttgart and having swapped records from my collection sitting on the floor of my old crib with records all around us… having fun listening to to classic hip hop like little kids. we did the same thing again back at his crib in hollywood later, with the same enthusiasm – adam was a hip hop and music and vinyl fan in general, like me, like many of us. I got to know him when he was touring in germany with his old band crazy town and we noticed our common interests. He was kind, funny, and of course one of the most skilled, talented, intelligent and inspiring djs ever!

Skillz recorded this tribute song and I can rely and totally agree to everything he says. nice, sad & moving at the same time. Adam will always be missed.


Skillz – Adam