The Milkcrate #3 Double Exposure – My Love Is Free

“Dude, the best things in life are free“ – “Yeah? What about sex?“ Overheard conversations on the train can be rather inspiring. I don’t know if it’s today’s sun that floods me with all this altruism, but somehow, i feel like sharing this 76 Salsoul gem below with you: Ladies and gentlemen, this is a ten minute testament of what music can do. Beauty ad infinitum. Have a great weekend kids!

Oh, by the way: Purchasing a 12inch copy of this record and playing it (I recommend the Walter Gibbons mix) on a decent system will really make you wonder if enjoying music on your swiss army knife phone (with integrated nose hair trimmer and crème brûlée torch) is actually the real deal. Peace and Love!


Double Exposure – My Love Is Free 12″ Mix