YUM YUM Ulm this Friday & I love Phoenix!

Just wanted to let you know that the second YUM YUM in Ulm at Club Su Casa is coming up this Friday, 17th of July! Cool Kid Dewey & myself – they call me Schowi – will play you the most beautiful, eclectic and always pumping mix a hot summer night party needs! Be sure to hear some uptempo beats AND some downtempo niceness AND some Phoenix! The band Phoenix hails from Versailles, France. There latest record called Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is much talked about on the interweb & they deserve the hype. Here’s 1901 & the classic Everything I Everything of their first album Alphabetical…

Friday, 17th of July, YUM YUM Ulm, Su Casa
Friday, 17th of July, YUM YUM Ulm, Su Casa

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Phoenix – 1901

Phoenix – Everything Is Everything