In the last 2 years a lot of talk has been going on about Deep House, while it actually had little to do with Deep House in its traditional sense. It was more like a new genre of beatmakers who had to come up with a genre name or a simply a tag for their tunes and Soundcloud uploads. And that’s why it’s even more fascinating to see an actual classy, soulful and really well produced Deep House tune go down on Soundcloud and staying unnoticed while all the remixers, who come up with the simplest of remixes of fancy pop stars make the rounds and have thousands and thousands of likes and comments.

Now this here is an actual ueber funky tune that deserves to get some spotlight. Ante Perry delivers a very delicate and tasteful key driven sound scape for the great vocals of Cosmo Klein to shine (no pun/rhyme intended). “One more try” will remind you of great tunes and days gone by, that is having a renaissance these days, if you happen to follow the young clublands. Perfect match for those warm summer nights and proper soul infused tune for the connoisseurs. This actually needs a vinyl release!

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