Beirut – the Rip Tide Album


Beiruts new album “Rip Tide” came out last week and while i never mentioned “East Harlem”on this site, the single that came out 2 months prior to the album release, i kept on playing it as one of the nights ends tunes, and have been deeply & cosmologically in sync with the song and its levitating feel, and thats how i pretty much feel about the entire album. Here is another pick from “Rip Tide”. Enjoy the album and its really worth it, one of my absolute faves right now!

Beirut – East Harlem

Beirut – The Rip Tide

another little enjoyable Hood internet special gem featuring Beirut (to all the ladies, make some noise if you cook and clean for him… LOL)

The Hood internet – Save Me Concubine (Beirut & Ghostface Killah)

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Side note: this summer they have toured a few festivals in Europe but never even touched down anywhere remotely close to germany. i wanna see them live and i want to see the entire crowd go “Whoa” when “East Harlem” is dropped in prime time. Deserves it!