Cee-Lo‘s “F**k You” is still one of my favourite tracks in my current playlist.

Definitely one of the best tracks i heard in the last weeks (feels like months) and i most certainly enjoy this track everytime it comes up on my iPod.
But not only Cee-Lo´s original is great. I allready found a few very different versions of “Fuck You” you need to check out. (There are dozens out there, but these here stand out).


Anjulie – “F**k You” _(Cee-Lo Cover)


Cee Lo “F**k You” (Le Castle Vania Remix)


***check their website for more material lecastlevania.com

Chiddy Bang – “F**k You” remix

***We already had Chiddys version up on the site, but cant miss it in this fine roundup.