Chromeo – When The Night Falls (Breakbot Remix)


Dancefloor superdarlings Breakbot deliver the funkiest, disco reminiscent remix of this Chromeo tune, that makes me instantly think of the happy days of disco – for some reason Chapelles Rick James & Charlie Murphy jump into my mind and somehow, this makes me miss the chapelle show even more. Even though only slightly different fom the original, this remix feels less processed and way more organic – no offense, Canadians. The Breakbot remix has some epic early 80ies cheesiness, makes the man in the wheelchair boogie and is a pure PAN Soul Midnight Affair and Solange Knowles dancing queen vocals have me hallucinating visions of some late 70ies discoteque packed with overdressed and overstyled Agneta Clones and Dirk Diggler lookalikes. French as only the french can – I Moustache you a question: ”  ‘Ow come vous etes zo fuenkie?”. Enjoy the dance

Ps in case you missed it, check out the Breakbot Lazy Sunday Selectah Mixtape

When The Night Falls (Breakbot Remix) by Chromeo