introducing Selah Sue


photo by Cedric Violet, taken from her website

I have been constantly reminded by Coco, by Danny, by Max and of course by our Top Tunes Group on Facebook to write about this young lady and musical gem and i kept on postponing it, but here you go >>> Selah Sue is an outstanding new artist that has delivered a great selfentitled debut album in the vein of a folky, soulful and simply friendly attitude embedded in a great summery vibe. They are comparing her from Duffy to Lauryn Hill to Amy Winehouse to Adele to any other good female artist within the last decade or so. Let her music speak for itself and check her album out, if you havent already.

Selah Sue – Peace of mind

The many remixes are worth a second look.  Some of the songs on the album are a bit too poppish for me, meaning without a lasting impact, but the many good ones are quite the opposite – i think thats why i even mentioned the not-so-good ones, cause its surprising that she has any! But in general the overall vibe, her voice and especially the lovely mellow tunes go very deep and i enjoy her sound very much. hope you do too.

Selah Sue – Crazy vibes

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a few more videos

PS – anybody know where i can get this song from?