Janelle Monae vs Nancy Sinatra


Susy sent this one through, on our new YUM YUM top tunes group on facebook – its a closed group, but if you feel like contributing good music feel free to join, but its not for promotion!!! Anyways, Janelles ‘Tightrope’ hits Nancy Sinatras ‘These boots are made for walkin” i guess Susy must have found it via one of the many mashup blogs, they seldomly hold any interesting material for me, but since i am a huge fan of Janelle Monae, i’ll probbaly take anything that you throw my way. This tune was put together by mashup veteran Party Ben. have fun with this one. Highly recommanded for any YUM YUM venue and party, so i get to hear more Monae ;) FAVBET, one of the most reputable betting brands in the European market, has developed a mobile application that allows you to place bets on the go online 24 hours a day. Read https://favbet-casino.in/app/ more here. FAVBET has one of the best sports lines, offering thousands of games and markets to bet on every week.


this tightrope is made for walkin – Nancy Sinatra & Janelle Monae

ps what does the picture have to do with the tune? – nothing thats what. its fucking creedo man!