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Top 5 Reasons Why Janelle Monaes New Album Is Good

1. Collaboration with Prince on “Givin em what they want” (+ more Collabo songs with Esperanza Spalding & Erykah Badu)

2. “Can’t live without your love”. A timeless song. Plus both overtures are amazing!

3. “Dance Apocalyptic” is Janelle Monae as fans know her.

4. After seeing this interview with her on sexism in the music buisness, i think i’ll appreciate anything she does.

5. The final song “What an experience” sounds like a 80s song by the Debarges or the likes. Or one of those 80ies Coke commercials, and you know everything 80ies related is an automatic WIN in my book :)

GOODIE MOB (feat. Janelle Monae) – Special Education

Remember Goodie Mob? I think their last LP was released around 5 years ago. You know, back when Cee Lo Green already was that »isn’t that the guy from Gnarls Barkley?!« dude.

Anyway… Janelle Monae is KILLING it in the chorus. The video was released today and I think the album »Age Against The Machine« drops August 27th. Enjoy!

Janelle Monae – Tightrope (Chrome Remix)

Had to re re do that 2011 yum yum version and guess that’s what train rides are for. Sounds alright and went down very well on a few YUM YUM test sites :) That Drum & Bass flavour is a great contrast to everything being 70 bpm all the time these days. Always liked that double time swing especially when paired with a yum yum tune of that calibre – pure prime timer. Makes no sense playing it anytime else in your sets.

Fun – We are young (ft Janelle Monae)

We’ve had this up on the site, as a video a couple of time thingies ago, feels like half a year and this week it reached the hypem peak position. Mark told me about it and it just absurd to see how relevant this constant display of TOP TENS (in this case the most favourite blogged tunes) has become to everyone. Glad for hypem but it doesn’t even matter what it is, as soon as its top this and that, it draws peoples attention magnetically – just google top ten “anything”. We really have to be careful, that we don’t solely start thinking alpha numerically and learn the good lessons the internet has to give – like parallell, intuitive intelligence. Really nice tune BTW :)