chromemusic favourite Mat McHugh has a new Album, he is offering it as a free download up on his same titled site lovecomesaveme . Visit his website matmchughmusic and get to know the music this man has put out throughout the years. if you are following mat on facebook, like we do you will soon find out by his little updates and messages that you are dealing with a humble and thoughtful human being. inspiring music in in these times of drastic global change. Thanks Mat, we all appreciate it very, very much!

Download Mats Album ” Love come save me” right here

Just read this online about Mats new Album: “If you want to be happy and don’t know how, listen to this album.” + “Seriously so good, this man needs to get out to everyone.”

ps one of his fb messages: “Really, my only ambition in music is to keep doing it. To try and make records that don’t suck and have people listen. Hopefully get better at it too. That’s a huge part of why I’m releasing albums under my own name instead of calling them The Beautiful Girls. It seems like it might last the test of time a little better. It’s been fun so far but I’m excited to see where it goes from here. If it does end tomorrow though, I’ve had a ball x

Most of all, enjoy and share! PS More Mat McHugh on Chromemusic