Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside finally release their debut Album “Dirty Radio”


Finally the album is here… we wrote about Sallie Ford over a year ago, even had one of her songs (Danger) in our annual top tunes and the way i described their sound was “…I feel the sun shining through in their music, i feel like sippin a cold lemonade under a summer tree near the lake… and seriously it has such an open and positive vibe (aargh words again) – Simply love this band.”

And thank god, their debut album is no different!!! Check it out and please make sure to get it. Here s a link to their new Album “Dirty Radio” via itunes and their 2010 EP via bandcamp.

Ps i really really want to see you guys live, so make sure to tour the Eu anytime soon… uh …please!

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Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – Write Me A Letter


Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside – Danger