YUM YUM NRW Oct 21st @ 100Meister

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YUM YUM NRW Oct 21stBig, big October dance ahead of us. A very good friend of ours, Max Mausser, will be our guest on our upcoming night (October 21st) and together with Resident Tand Williams, he will bring the house down. The two of them are by far the youngest members of the YUM YUM family – thus meaning they still have a lot to prove – not only to themselves but also to the audience. Its going to be a head to head race with the freshest and latest versions and remixes. still taking care of the dancefloor. Max Mausser is the most promising of Djs amongst the ranks of the next generation and also is he the resident Dj for our befriended night and Old School fave Rewind!

  1. Rockin Robin Jackson 5 vs Gnarls Barkely (YUM YUM Version)
  2. Roxannes Hump The Police vs Fergie (YUM YUM Version)
  3. Time after Time Cindy Lauper re-edit (YUM YUM Version)
  4. Deja-Rock Aretha Franklin vs Beyonce (YUM YUM Version)
  5. Lil Star Kelis & Cee-Lo
  6. Enuff Dj Shadow & Q-Tip
  7. Damn Girl by Justin Timberlake