YUM YUM NRW Sep 16th @ 100Meister

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YUM YUM NRW Sep 16thAnother superb YUM YUM Top Tune selection for September is on its way and hooray, it is back to the original team that started NRW: Chrome & Tand Williams, who is by now a household name and is definitely running things up north. Looking forward to see the entire YUM YUM family again and don’t forget the night before the same team – or the original core will play at its foundation in munich.

Expect the latest in homegrown mashups, remixes, booties and an all new YUM YUM selection paired with the, by now, already classic YUM YUM tunes. A brilliant night ahead of us – one of plenty to follow. A brilliant audience with All Smiley Faces…

  1. Caine & Cheeba Method Man vs Eric Clapton
  2. Rock with your Love Pharrell & Kanye vs Michael Jackson
  3. Doo Wop & Smiles Lilly Allen vs Lauryn Hill
  4. I love my hottest B**** Busta & Kelis vs the Beatconductor
  5. Stand by every breathe Ben E. King vs The Police (only available as Videostream)