YUM YUM @ 100Meister (on the count of three)

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On The Count Of ThreeHands down! Yet another YUM YUM is approaching at the Hundertmeister on Oct 18th. Finally we managed to fly in Schowi who will be spinning back to back with me. That was long overdue anyways. After what we heard last time we will keep a close eye on the volume this time.

Till then feel free to enjoy this months mighty Top Tune Selection which can be found here.

Speaking about new music… I stumbled across a version of ‘Ain’t No Stopping Us Now’ revisited by Larry Gold (check out his album ‘Don Cello and Friends’ on Amazon). This stuff is back from 2003. But anyways it kinda stuck in my head and I did a version incorporating the vocals of Common’s Go and some extra drums which you will surely recognize instantly. So I hope you’ll enjoy it. Play this one out loud (full 320kbps)!

Larry Gold vs. Common – On The Count Of Three (YUM YUM)