lets see what Leeroy Thornhill from Prodigy is up to these days?


Like almost anybody else, who was raised and conditioned culturally and musically in the 80ies & 90ies, i too, have always been a huge fan of the prodigy, (no not the rapper ;-) – who is he compared to these guys? So when asked if our blog wanted to feature Leeroy Thornhill of Prodigy, when he plays in munich – there was no debate about it. I definitely want to see what he is about and up to these days. So lets find out this Friday when Leeroy steps up to the tables. Musical support will be provided by Simon of Bobble fame in munich and so everything stays in the family. Nice one.

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Below you’ll find one of the best music vids – that i have ever seen – and that of course, like any other good vid back then,  was banned from Mtv.

Prodigys “Smack my bitch up”