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Stranger Things – The Perfect 80ies Playlist on Spotify

stranger things chromemusic

If you haven’t watched it yet, do it! Do it right now, don’t wait until cozy sweater weather or next Sunday. You don’t need any excuse to open Netflix and disappear for the next 8 hours. Make sure you have everything needed handy because I promise you won’t leave the house or make any unnecessary steps away from your screen until the last episode is over.

Thereafter you are gonna wish to be one of them. One of the kids to ride your bike and go on adventures with your friends. One out of hundred things I love about Strange Things: none of the characters is a jerk or the simple one-dimensional archetype. Everything starts with stereotypes – you think ‘Oh the cool and hip kids in school are terrifying the nerdy, poor outsiders’ or ‘Of course, the typical chief of a small province town somewhere in the US hating his unfulfilled job while dreaming of catching the big bad guys’. But NO. Episode by Episode every character is (Except some secondary characters who are there to either make you laugh or to push the story in the right direction) growing and turning and in the end you’ll love them all. Agreed, the outstanding performances play their part too.

stranger things chromemusic

I personally always get bored at some part of any Show. For me even many Episodes of House of Cards dragged on and I could have jumped over without missing anything too important for the story line. At least that’s the feeling I get. I only remember ‘Wayward Pines’ as similar to ST. So no surprise that the Duffer Brothers and creators of the show had also been involved in the writing progress of Wayward Pines. Ha, knew it.

Although I am not a child of the 80ies (no, I’ve never seen the Goonies and ET scared the shit out of me the first time I saw it) I got hooked by the spirit of this Show instantly. The feeling of being a child again, of you and your friends against the rest of the world and especially these grown ups who don’t understand one thing on earth. The first time falling in love, times without smartphones and the possibility to reach anyone at any time, monsters, friendship and rules of friendship that really counts, promises and mystery mixed with modern Sci Fi. Do I have to say more?

stranger things chromemusic

Oh yeah, one more thing…also the soundtrack is on point! Netflix just announced they will release an official soundtrack (something they only did for House of Cards and Orange is the New Black so far and my conclusion is this could be the key indicator to the success of a Show on Netflix since their policy is to not report any viewer numbers). Listening to Joy Division’s “Atmosphere,” The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” or Toto’s “Africa” makes continuing with your daily life more tolerable once the last scene is streamed. And if you do miss the main theme already here is an extended version of it!

a few ‘awesome’ 80ies favourites

time and again i catch myself playing a few of my 80ies favourites, that just go so well with cheesy high school movies and long haired dudes, that do awesome things in epic 80ies movies, and that spirit transfers right to the dancefloor. a few random tunes that do not need a remix or anything else, they just go great in any mix, especially if you are in the middle of playing brand spanking new music with a cutting edge feel, this just evens the geekiness out and gives it a funny contrast.

the djs (the ones that put on a show) know what i am talking about


Romantics – What I Like About You


Don Henley – The Boys Of Summer


Stevie Nicks – Edge of Seventeen


The Knack – My Sharona

And thats the right tshirt to wear when listening to these type of tunes / when dancing of your frustration because your parents just dont understand you / when you are polishing your Trans Am Firebird /  and when you have to fight the school bully in order to a) win the heart of your sweethert or b) travel back to the future

Stop Me – Chocomang (The Smiths vs the Rootical record Crew mashup)

One of the few bearable Mashup tunes these days.. naw i’m kidding there are still brilliant ones out there, as long as they don’t use the same old same old overheard Jacko, Daft Punk etc . This is one of these tunes that sound so elegantly perfect that you do not even recognize it as a mashup. We all remember “the song” it from 4 years back when Mark Ronsons Smith meets Motown cover version of ‘Stop Me’ went to the top of the charts. Here is the original Smiths vocal from the 80ies mixed in a Roots manner. Enjoy

Chocomang – Stop Me (The Smiths vs Rootical Record Crew)