a few ‘awesome’ 80ies favourites


time and again i catch myself playing a few of my 80ies favourites, that just go so well with cheesy high school movies and long haired dudes, that do awesome things in epic 80ies movies, and that spirit transfers right to the dancefloor. a few random tunes that do not need a remix or anything else, they just go great in any mix, especially if you are in the middle of playing brand spanking new music with a cutting edge feel, this just evens the geekiness out and gives it a funny contrast.

the djs (the ones that put on a show) know what i am talking about


Romantics – What I Like About You


Don Henley – The Boys Of Summer


Stevie Nicks – Edge of Seventeen


The Knack – My Sharona

And thats the right tshirt to wear when listening to these type of tunes / when dancing of your frustration because your parents just dont understand you / when you are polishing your Trans Am Firebird /  and when you have to fight the school bully in order to a) win the heart of your sweethert or b) travel back to the future