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Sratchandsniff Reworks & Edits

Pretty nice Soundcloud account by Scratchandsniff from Glasgow I stumbled across via a facbook post by my pal Markus. Loads of soulful Edits and most of them available for download. Here you have my favourites so far

Al Green – I’ve Never Found A Girl (scratchandsniffs re-rub you up the right way) by scratchandsniff

Mick Jagger – Sweet Thing (scratchandsniff’s extended re-rub) by scratchandsniff

Minnie Riperton – Adventures In Paradise (scratchandsniff’s extended re-rub) by scratchandsniff

YUM YUM revisited #1

Al Green

Since the beginning of YUM YUM dates back over 5 years we thought it might be nice to share all our reworks and edits we made over the years with y’all – starting today. Not only you’ll get a ton of original work over the next weeks but also you’ll see how we developed over time and boy we came a long way.

I really don’t know a song to start with so I’ll just pick the one which came to my mind first. I can remember Chrome calling me and asked for an acapella to incorporate in an Al Green song. So I sent the vocals over and here is the resulting remix:

[haiku url=”http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/New-World-Chrome-Remix.mp3|titles=Al Green – New World (Chrome Remix)” title=”Title of audio file” graphical=”true”]

Al Green – New World (Chrome Remix)

Here is YouTube version of the original song. It’s no real video but anyway…

simply beautiful …by Al Green

This song has been a favourite of mine ever since i heard it first, a long, long time ago and anyone who has known me since the age of 18 knows ho much i was into this music instead of the then popular charts – i was a huge Al Green fan and his take on soul music. For those of you who still have my old, old mixtapes you will surely recall this tune and i even remember sampling it for a tune on my headz/downbeat album (think early mo wax/ ninja tune etc) that i finished in 2001 but never released. Time to re-release that album digital – now thats a thought!

Enjoy Al Greens tune cause its simply beautiful:


Al Green – Simply Beautiful

extra: a recent take/ remix on simply beautiful



Character – music and me … a word about why i love playing music

i had one of the worst dj nights ever yesterday… (exaggerating)

i was playing with a nice guy.. his sound wouldnt just fit in. but i wasnt there to just cut him off and do my normal arrogant approach of just taking the eff over – and even though the sound was nothing the party promised it to be, i guess at times you cant just take fucking control over everything and have nothing better to offer – i am just not cut out for playing 4/4 or any other sound for hours and hours.
i want it to change constantly and be alive – cause thats what music is – its empowering, gives you a great feeling, is mentally and spiritually uplifting. it strikes a chord in your soul and lets you fuel your motor with positive energy. (ps i am not touching that other shit)

yesterday, it simply didnt feel like i belonged there – I dont like – and i repeat – i dont like to play an hour of the same monotoneous tempo – i am hell tired of 4 to the floor tunes after 30 min, or any other style.
i like to play fucking good music and i like to play all styles all the time and simulataneously – cant have that rubbish going on for too long – i need a hip hop beat backed by some rock tune, backed by some dubstep, some folk music – yeah some surfer shit, followed by some reggae by some disco, some uk funky and so forth. You guys know me and you heard my mixtapes, and everywhere i go it seems the mixtapes have allready been there.

i do not diversify by genres or styles, by undergound or pop. these are just mental labels to help someone determine who he or she thinks he is. That is so childish and its doing exactly the opposite. Wake the fuck up!

i laugh at people who eat the same shit every day – but this is in no sense any better.

the true essense of YUM YUM and why i play is to play good music (bring you the heavens and the sunshine)
….and not to please some cultural rubbish, some diluted mind needs as fuel for his/her self esteem. so screw all of that and let me make the first step by playing you what kind of song fits right into what i am saying:

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/I-Wanna-Hold-Your-Hand-Al-Green.mp3|titles=I Wanna Hold Your Hand – Al Green]
Al Green – I Wanna Hold Your Hand

ps – feel free to comment and tell me how wrong i am …

Repost from 2007: Al Green “Gotta find a new World” YUM YUM Edit


REPOST from Oct. 19th 2007


Gotta find a new World (YUM YUM edit)” – Check out our Edit of Al Greens classic, which incorporates the drums from Amy Winehouse favourite “I am no good” as produced by Mark Ronson. Also a little Wu-Tang (Method Man) vocal is dropped in the middle of the edit, primarily because this Al Green song gained popularity in the mid 90ies when it was sampled by the RZA and used as the sole sample source for Ghostface Killah’s “Iron Maiden”? track from his debut album. Ps. True story: I used to play this song, for years until the vinyl – Shaolin Soul vol 1- actually broke one night when i was out playing. Somebody dropped it on the floor and stood on it for quite some time. Then it took me 2 years to find another vinyl copy, and after i finally did i had to go for a 180gr pressing which is just not suitable for playing. Played it anyway and i think an edit/version of this song was long overdue. So here it is – make sure to play it out loud.