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This Saturday: YUM YUM Ingolstadt Birthday Bash

One year ago the first YUM YUM party took place in the city of Inglewood.
Of course, that is a reason to have a huge birthday bash at Club Maki!
In the meantime YUM YUM Ingolstadt developed and we experienced a lot of support by all of you. To celebrate all of this we invited DJ Chrome himself, who’ll be there the first time, together with Dan Gerous.
Noone else would be better to once again show you the vibe of YUM YUM and have a great party.
Happy Birthday!

[haiku url=”http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Beenie-Man-Swagga-Bigi-Kaa-Dancehall-Club.mp3″ title=”Beenie Man – Swagga-Bigi Ka$a-(Dancehall-Club)” graphical=”true”]
Beenie Man – Swagga-Bigi Ka$a-(Dancehall-Club)

Please RSVP to the event and join the group on Facebook.

Super Cat got me into Dancehall


Dont get scared off by the album cover.

I rememeber buying this album at a 2nd hand store a reeeeaaaal looong time ago. We are talking 91 or so and ever since i was hooked on Dancehall. Long before the days of Sean Paul there was another artist who sounded just like him or vice versa and the 3 albums i have of this man sound sweet today as they did upon first hearing them. A friend of mine from J.A. told me that all Indian Rastas sounded like him they had the same kind of delivery and style (by indian i mean as in Sanskrit or Bollywood). Some of the few positive by-products of the Commonwealth. This guy is outstanding – to me – and i wish to share him with you. I don’t know what he is doing these days or what he is up to, but w/o him all this Sean Paul/ Reggae mania would have never happened. Enjoy these fine tunes – next week i’ll introduce you to another one of his albums. Jah run things. lol


Super Cat – Jah Run Things


Super Cat – Love Got A Hold


Super Cat – Chalice A Lick

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Fuzzy Love


We haven’t posted a tune in a while, so it’s good to come back with a couple funky little tracks from our good friends Fuzzbox based in Jersey, a beautiful island actually closer to France than the UK! Fuzzbox are Joe Pope and Colin Moore, pure edit heads, mixing their own flavour into old funk tracks, demonstrated perfectly by these two tracks!

First up it’s a soulful reworking of Joe Frazier’s “My Love”, I love the Northern Soul vibe and can’t wait to play this one out…



Our second offering is a cheeky little number, “Play With Fire” (Yard Boy Ten) with pinch of bmore, a splash of dancehall and a whole lot of Goodgroove!



You can catch the Fuzzbox djs @ Chambala festival in Canada this August (if you’re lucky enough to be there) otherwise follow the links and show some fuzzy love!





classic dancehall

here are two classic dancehall tracks by Tippa Irie and Shinehead that i have fallen in love with (again) – both are from the 80ies, classic danehall material that just fits the summer vibe that is finally here.