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YUM YUM Top Tunes group on facebook

Honestly ever since we started the YUM YUM top tunes  group (a few weeks back), this has pretty much being the only thing on facebook that is entertaining to me, and its a welcome selection of songs, videos, remixes, covers that are otherwise hard to come across.

Its a closed group (to keep the content YUM YUM related) and the rules are quite simple:

  • every member posts no more than one tune a day (video, mp3, souncloud ..)
  • the music is YUM YUM related (frequent readers know the deal)
  • the best songs get re-blogged on chromemusic

that way not just everything gets posted but rather the good stuff. Or elese it would simply be too much and way too off topic, i ve seen a few good geroups screw up bc of that.

And i found quite a few tunes i never heard before. Seriously its addictive fun and its right now the first thing i check whenever i go on facebook, even before i look for status updates and funny stuff. THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED SO FAR and all the new members, KEEP IT COMING, YOU ARE AMAZING!! ))) Love you guys

If you wanna apply go to YUM YUM top tunes group on facebook. We can only allow a few new people each day, so pls be patient if you’ll have to wait a sec, THX!

Here is a video i’ve found in the group today

Foster The People – “Pumped Up Kicks” from Foster The People on Vimeo.

droppz NEW embeddable flash player!!! + new, faster sharing music on facebook

Hey folks, i assume you have read my post about our online music player droppz.com and hopefully shared it with ALL your friends?!? lol. Well here are 2 brand new feature and these ones are grrrreat!!

1. droppz now has an embeddable music player that you can add into any of your websites & blogs!

It works just like youtube, if you want to embed a tune, just click the embed icon and grab the code – easy as 1,2,3). Check the player out below! So any track on droppz – you can embed into your site. And thats pretty much just the beginning, before our player get the royal treatment, ie customize it to play your dropped/voted/blogged tunes or this weeks/days favourite tunes on droppz.com. Also check out the link to the original blog source where you can read the post!

2. also!!!  – if you share a track on facebook – just try it out – a link to the tune appears, and that link leads you to the original track ONLY, so no more waiting times at all. (it looks just like the player above after you have clicked the link)!!!Sharing is so much MORE fun now!!!

THX for all your support and have fun peoples, many more news are coming. Like i said everythings a process and this things gonna go places with you..

NEW!!!: facebook.com/chromemusic – Pls Share!

Its done – we salute Barnes & Danny for finishing this nice new Page which we call our home on facebook. The home of YUM YUM and chromemusic is to be found at facebook.com/chromemusic. Go drop us a line!!!

Tell your friends and everyone who is into chromemusic & YUM YUM about our new place!!!! Thank you all for making it happen!! We will keep supplying you with the loveliest & nicest sound around!

We have been all over facebook for quite some time now, we have dozens of groups, a few pages – all the guys involved in YUM YUM have their personal accounts and so forth.. so you see a hub was very much needed. A port that would direct you to the appropriate group in your area! ALSO !! You can follow all chromemusic blog posts directly via facebook  when you “like” the page. Go check it out for yourself @ facebook.com/chromemusic

we salute our new home on facebook with this classic tune by the Biz, it still puts a smile on my face everytime i hear it.


Biz Markie – Let Me Turn You On

the Great Lake Swimmers

Ever since i heard “Everythings moving so fast” i have been in love with this canadian band. in my humble opinion their greatest tune. but i have come to appreciate everything they have to offer. really enjoy their music and every now and then a band comes along where you don’t buy the music to own it, cause you legally never do – you just own the mechanical cd in your hands, but to support this band – so get it via amazon as long as we don’t have a  better system. Heck if i knew they money was going straight to them – i’d wire them 20 bucks right away just for the great music they have given me.

both tracks from their superb album: “lost channels”

Show them some love on ::::their website::::facebook::::mypace::::twitter:::: and find out about them via Wikipedia::::


the great-lake-swimmers “everything-is-moving-so-fast”


the great_lake_swimmers-“pulling_on_a_line”