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Crookers – this friday @ Theaterfabrik, munich

Okay first off the popular information – This Friday Crookers are playing at Theaterfabrik in munich alongside Birdy Nam Nam, the Acid Kids and myself. That alone should be way enough to set any roof on fire, but i wanna dig a bit deeper in the subject, focus more on the Crookers, who they are, what they have done and all the things they have moved in the past 2 years.


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Musically the first part is gonna include a couple of Crookers Mashups & remixes, the 2nd one – their most prolific classics and the third one is gonna be their latest material.

Well first off they are among the biggest names there are right now(think Justice, Basement Jaxx, Boys Noize, etc). They single handedly put italy back on the map – nobody forgets the boot – but musically it has been asleep for at least 20 years. They put the cool back in the otherwise forbidden word “techno”, mixed it with crunk and let’s say “ghetto” (i know it sounds corny but euroheads know what i’m talking about). The guys are a bunch of hip hop heads that produced the kind of electronic sound that made them become the go-to-guys for rave anthems. Somehow their sound was even appealing to all the big record industry players – that all of a sudden wanted to to be produced by them (Black eyed peas etc). In general they somehow were among the first ons to start that hiphop-rave hybrid thats the new global phenomenon. They became a household name and actually famous via the blog world – among the first ones. next part tomorrow:  Their releases.

15 Pages of crookers on hype machine – that alone says it all! – and over 100.000 fans on facebook.

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Here is a link to the track “SBombers”  they put up on their site in celebration of their 100.000th facebook fan.

Listen to these tunes here:

a Crookers mashup incorporating – major lazer – bingo players – la roux and diplo:


Get up for the Kill (Crookers Mashup)

their infamous Busy P (Ed Banger) “to protect and entertain” (Crookers Rmx)


Busy P – To Protect And Entertain (Crookers Remix)

new YUM YUM this Friday @ Registratur

Happy to be back in munich this Friday with the latest and last installment of YUM YUM @ Registratur. Djs will be Chrome, Max and the Top Friend Floor will be run by Norbert Schiegl & Schu. So be in for a massive night, this Friday, September 4th @ Registratur.

No worries we are going nowhere. >>We will still keep our monthly date in munich, every 1st weekend of the month, except this october – when we come back on the 10th of October, right after the Oktoberfest. we had to skip that one. Kongresshalle is just to close to the Oktoberfest. Ps Kongresshallen is the best option, just remember how amazing the Sommerfest was. Next YUM YUM dates in Munich: Sept 4th @ Registratur, October 10th @ Kongresshalle, October 31st – tba (in conjunction with a huge art expo), November 7th @ Kongresshalle.

To stay in touch with us join the YUM YUM Munich Group on facebook and don’t forget to RSVP to this event.

YUM YUM Top Tunes for September will be online by wednesday.

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new YUM YUM tunes: