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Cajsa Siik – Talk To Trees

cajsa siik chromemusic

Another lovely and super talented Artist we can call ourselves happy to work with. Cajsa Siik – anytime she starts singing and her wispy voice is filling space I want to get up stroked by a feather, take her hand and follow this beautiful lady into the woods. I always imagined she could talk to animals up there in Sweden where she is living. So of course she is talking to trees, too. No doubt. Fun fact I just discovered while writing this post and collecting the links – her label’s name’s Birds Records and I couldn’t think of a better brand to release her brilliant music.

Our beloved producer Duo Lakechild has done some pretty good work with their Remix of Cajsa’s Single “Higher” back in 2014. Check it out if you haven’t already. And another bird tweeted me ‘The YUM YUM’s’ are already working on another version of one of her songs. So exciting how the world is turning!

Talk to Trees is the 1st Single of her upcoming album DOMINO. Can’t wait listen to all the songs.

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Adam Foster – Don’t Give It Up feat. Daniela [Radio Mix]


Adam Fosters new track is the perfect example of this new style that has become the new deep house, it’essentially very well organized “spaciousness” & soundscapes incorporated in a reduced instrumentation, yet still melodic house music in a catchy pop-oriented production. Much more dancefloor driven with uplifiting vocals, a pumping bassline and a lot of room in the music itself.

Very much in the same vein as Sam Feldt, Luca Schreiner, Luca & Steve and all the other guys everybody’s playing at the moment. A great tune to play out and to keep the party jumping. I almost ignored this one but here it is and make sure to give it a go. (ps i personally don’t like that it says available on Beatport but i guess there is some kind of marketing behind it:)

About time!!! Maggie Rogers – Alaska [Lakechild Edit] FREE Download


Last weeks Viral sensation was that Maggie Rogers vid where she played her song to Pharrell, who loved her beautiful music and gave her some sound advice or better gave her a great confirmation on how good her song really was! Everybody loved that vid and it was beautiful to see a new artist get such good vibes from one of music’s greatest artists.
I think everybody and his dog shared that video, but rightfully so and a few mere days later obviously it climbed the hypem charts and instantly became one of the most sought after tracks online.
Of course a flood of edits and remixes was supposed to come in, since Djs would be playing the hell out of that tune, and i was expecting nothing too fancy but i didn’t find a single good one.
Imagine my surprise when the only good one was by my good friends Lakechild, who didn’t even bother to send a mail to all their friends and fans or make a huge fuss about it, but simply did it! There are a lot of heads out there waiting to drop this tune in their sets, so thanks for a very useful tune Lakechild!

ChromeMusic Top Tunes May [+ Introducing New Stream Player]

chromemusic top tunes may

Without telling you or for that matter anyone else we made some changes on ChromeMusic over the last couple of weeks. A you might have noticed – you are finally able to listen to all music right from the frontpage without making this extra and honestly ‘oh-so-90ies’ step by opening each and every single post anymore. Now any kid of our no-brain-apple generation and even your mum is able to get her fresh dose of music on our website instantly. so, yeah.
But still, whenever you want to procrastinate but not waste your rare life – time on Facebook feel free to follow our thoughts, videos, lovely gifs and interviews by really clicking on it. This is the only payment we get (and nothing else is wanted from our side).
But wait – that’s not all to announce. After days of torturing our brains without finding a simple solution and after the tremendous help and skills of our best (IT-) friend Wuwu (thank you again!) we now have a little stream player on CM. Just press play on the bottom of the page! Instead of playing all the music posts seperately, I thought it would be nice to bring back our ChromeMusic Top Tunes. Don’t compare it to the YUM YUM Top Tunes – they will soon come back as well but that’s worth another post. It’s simply a collection of the best songs on CM each month and you can procrastiante or even study/work somewhere else while listening to music you mostly cannot find on spotify yet. Nice little bonus, right? ;) Enjoy the Top Tunes May filled with brand new tracks by wolfskind and Lakechild and some of the best tunes showing up on soundcloud and in our inbox over the last few weeks.

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X Ambassadors – Unsteady [Lakechild Remix]

lakechild chromemusic

It has been quiet about Lakechild over the last couple of months. Exploring different styles and diving into different projects our two friends kept themselves busy with productions and finding new paths to go. But no matter what they do, when it comes to Remixes and picking the right Originals you can count always on these two. Lakechild themselves are huge fans of X Ambassadors and the request for doing a remix didn’t let them feel hestitate for a second. Check out what Lakechild are into these days and enjoy Sam’s voice, the melancholy of the original and that warm low Hz sub that makes you tickle your stomach at night.

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