Last weeks Viral sensation was that Maggie Rogers vid where she played her song to Pharrell, who loved her beautiful music and gave her some sound advice or better gave her a great confirmation on how good her song really was! Everybody loved that vid and it was beautiful to see a new artist get such good vibes from one of music’s greatest artists.
I think everybody and his dog shared that video, but rightfully so and a few mere days later obviously it climbed the hypem charts and instantly became one of the most sought after tracks online.
Of course a flood of edits and remixes was supposed to come in, since Djs would be playing the hell out of that tune, and i was expecting nothing too fancy but i didn’t find a single good one.
Imagine my surprise when the only good one was by my good friends Lakechild, who didn’t even bother to send a mail to all their friends and fans or make a huge fuss about it, but simply did it! There are a lot of heads out there waiting to drop this tune in their sets, so thanks for a very useful tune Lakechild!