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3viertelelf – Ich Schau Dich An (LEEX Remix)


3viertelelf is a Berlin based electro pop band including “panic award” winning singer/songwriter Angela Peltner and her fellow musicians Lars Hengmith, Christian Hering and Philipp Schulz. Their latest single “Ich Schau Dich An” got it’s tropical/melodic house remix by Stuttgart based producer LEEX and is a uplifting, sunny and danceable song that brightens up your day.

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PSA: ChromeMusic Night @ Miao w/ LEEX & Friends Saturday Nov 21st

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Hey everyone,

the next ChromeMusic Night takes place at MIAO this Saturday November 21st from 10pm to 2am cause of feast day in bavaria again. So make sure to get there early to celebrate all our favourite Deep & Melodic House, Tropical Vibes and Organic Dance Grooves with us. Your hosts this night are LEEX & friends, which we’ve met this week so you can read the whole interview over here. Also make sure to tune in this saturday from 9pm to 11pm on egoFM and listen to our ChromeMusic Radio Show #11.

LEEX on #ChromeSelects: http://www.chromemusic.de/?p=50193

RSVP on facebook if you like to: https://www.facebook.com/events/1009247479126749/

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PSA: ChromeMusic Night Live @ Miao w/ Achtabahn & Prinzregent this saturday

CM Night - Achtabahn

Hey folks,

the 4th ChromeMusic Night takes place at MIAO (Dachauerstr. 14 – Munich) this saturday October 31. Your hosts are Achtabahn & Prinzregent. We’re really looking forward to celebrate all our favourite songs from Deep & Melodic House, Tropical Vibes to Organic Dance Grooves and in between. The ChromeMusic Night completes every saturday as it starts when the ChromeMusic Radio Show ends. So you can listen to the radio show while walking there and start dancing when you’ve arrived :)

RSVP to the facebook event if you want to be on the guestlist: https://www.facebook.com/events/1082773528407534/

Ps. Also make sure to tune in on egoFM this saturday from 9 to 11pm and listen to the next radio show #8

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Obadiah Parker – Hey Ya (Outkast Cover remixed by Koni)


About time someone remixed or mashed up Obadiah Parkers old cover of Outkasts ueber anthem. The biggest, most played, most sold song of the 2000’s is Hey Ya and no remix can take that away from the magic of that simple, simple stupid song that we all love so much – and at times even hated, just because it was so overplayed that you couldn’t spend 5 min without hearing it. After all that i still love “Hey ya” and i actually had 2 copies of it on vinyl, not only for mixing it back and forth, in a pre Traktor/Serato world, but also as a backup, because i simply played it so often that one eventually had to go sooner or later. Here is a really good Tropical Take on it and i sure wish it will be included on the next TROPICAL SESSIONS Compilation!

Kafka Tamura – Bones (LEEX Remix)

bones leex chromemusic

It’s been a long time since we’ve first heard of the German producer LEEX and his lovely tropical vibes. I remember how impressed we’ve been by his detailed production skills and the quality in any Remix he is doing. It is not surprising that since then he has done several mixes for the big ones like Lana del Rey, Marlon Roudette and many others. For me it’s always a pleasure to see young talents like him evolving and following their path. One more of his undeniable tropical songs is his new Remix of Kafka Tamura’s “Bones”. At the latest now the summer is in the city :)

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