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Deep End by ShelBee 

I heard this tune the very first time a few weeks ago and instantly liked it, not only bc of it’s sparse use of instrumentation but mostly bc of Shel Bees phrasing, intonation and the way she delivers the top lines. A seriously good singer in the making, with an honest voice that needs more attention on the streaming world of today. That’s why i sent it off to our team to work and release the track. While i am currently on vacation i think the signing is on the way and we can look at pitching it properly when the summers over and all the streaming offices and bureaus are all back to business as usual. Won’t be earlier than mid to late September sadly, but no worries, a good solid tune takes longer to grow these days. And even longer for an artist to finally break into the mainstream. Consistency is key in releases, and if one or two do not work make sure to keep on keeping on. I am writing this well in mind that Shel Bee might read this, so i just want to encourage young striving acts to maintain the course and not get discouraged if things do not shape up instantly as one would wish. In the long run, they will.

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says : “If you wanna go fast, go alone. But if you wish to go far, go together.” And that’s how is see our relation with this young talent!

Ps i heard one of our most talented young cats, Wolfskind, will be working with you in October in LA. So we went full circle w/o knowing that this would happen, and that it would all stay in the family. Wolfskind aka Lucas is a key producer in our deal with Universal Music and sincerely my adopted son (musically), whom you will have lots of fun with ;)

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Mindsight x Flume – Intermission (w/ On Top) [Free DL]

Free Download available now: http://bit.ly/mindsightxflume

Nothing is known about this rework by the mysterious Mindsight, but to be honest, this debut is a blast. On repeat since we’ve heard it for the first time. Love the smooth 1min ramp up until the drop. We are really looking forward for more to come soon. Do your thing buddy, this is meant to be huge.

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Now Playing Magazine

‘Now Playing Magazine’ was formerly known as an printed magazine, focused on entertainment including movies, television, music etc. Nowadays you can find it here, in the world wide web, based in paris and focusing on new music from different genres. Visit the Blog over here. It’s not astonishing that they also have a bandcamp account, promoting artists with their new music. I picked my favourites to share it with all of you. It’s also possible to listen and download the whole 11-track album beneath. Enjoy !


Jamie Woon – Blue Truth


James Vincent McMorrow – If I Had A Boat


Pigeon John – The Bomb

Sly & The Family Stone – If You Want Me To Stay (Funk Ferret Edit)

First thing I read this morning was that Sly Stone got forced out of his home and now is living out of a white van in Los Angeles. Apperently Sly got tricked into a lets say disputable contract, leaving his manager with all control over  his finances. Grab the full story over here and keep your fingers crossed for this funk legend while listening to this nice edit of one of his classic tunes


Sly & The Family Stone – If You Want Me To Stay (Funk Ferret Edit)