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Great Art Blog “Annina.fr” and so much, much more, by one of our very own yum yum cofounders

Fruits from annina roescheisen on Vimeo.

Annina who is one of my dearest friends and YUM YUM founders, (she was there right when it all started and actually was also responsible for a lot of input, for a lot of the styles and a lot of great ideas), who now lives in Paris for a few years has finally started her own blog – www.annina.fr– its about Contemporary & Modern Art, Exhibitions her music and all other things related. Coming from the heart of Paris, Annina is quite personal, honest and from deep within and thats just what a blog is supposed to be, i gave it a look for a few weeks before putting it online, cause i wanted to see if this was an ongoing endeavour, but hey – i am quite hooked, so here you go or voila > check out Anninas page and please make sure to check out her video section. Amazing material! The music posted is quite touching and so you can tell where she is coming from, and how this is a progress in each and every way. Her eyes are wide open – Welcome Cinderella!

If i was to do a music video for any of my music, Annina & her folks would be the only people i would ask. The quality is amazing and there is a definite unique feel to it and that feel is her own self, which she now no longer minds sharing with everyone. Lovely! Have fun with her site! You might learn something… but you will definitely have fun.

PS Please share this website and spread the word. Thank you all!!

W have spent so much time together and here is one of her favourite tunes and a YUM YUM classic (i think we used to listen to the instumental in some long nights). Just because you are who you are, we are reconsidering doing YUM YUM in Paris. Thank you


Common – Testify (Radio Edit)


Common – Testify (Instrumental)

William Fitzsimmons – Passion Play

[audio: http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/02-Passion-Play.mp3]

William Fitzsimmons – Passion Play

I had so many songs I wanted to put up.  First I wanted this then I realized that I always post melancholy music, so I considered posting a more upbeat hip-hop type song, but I haven’t heard any great new hip-hop songs lately.  Then I considered posting a song off my friend’s band’s new cd (Sing Me Insomnia), but then I realized that cd was in the top 100 on iTunes so they’re not really a band that needs press, plus they’re an almost powerpop band.  Then I considered posting a song that my friend and I recorded but that song was really pop-ish and I am not a huge fan of bloggers who post only their original material (despite the fact that my next post may be one of my originals).  So here is the great William Fitzsimmons singing his song Passion Play, incidentally, Mr. Fitzsimmons just released an amazing new cd entitled Gold In The Shadow, and I would strongly encourage all of you to go about purchasing it if you enjoy this song, or at least listen to his new cd.

YUM YUM Top Tunes group on facebook

Honestly ever since we started the YUM YUM top tunes  group (a few weeks back), this has pretty much being the only thing on facebook that is entertaining to me, and its a welcome selection of songs, videos, remixes, covers that are otherwise hard to come across.

Its a closed group (to keep the content YUM YUM related) and the rules are quite simple:

  • every member posts no more than one tune a day (video, mp3, souncloud ..)
  • the music is YUM YUM related (frequent readers know the deal)
  • the best songs get re-blogged on chromemusic

that way not just everything gets posted but rather the good stuff. Or elese it would simply be too much and way too off topic, i ve seen a few good geroups screw up bc of that.

And i found quite a few tunes i never heard before. Seriously its addictive fun and its right now the first thing i check whenever i go on facebook, even before i look for status updates and funny stuff. THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED SO FAR and all the new members, KEEP IT COMING, YOU ARE AMAZING!! ))) Love you guys

If you wanna apply go to YUM YUM top tunes group on facebook. We can only allow a few new people each day, so pls be patient if you’ll have to wait a sec, THX!

Here is a video i’ve found in the group today

Foster The People – “Pumped Up Kicks” from Foster The People on Vimeo.

Wake up Sessions – John Legend & the Roots – the ORIGINALS

While i am here on vacation in Asia i am getting more eager to hear this album when it comes out on Sept 21st by two of my most favoured artists, it must be quite a spiritual album – an album of protest songs and a true soulful gem, just telling from the titles they picked to cover. Must be a lot of Questlove involved in the crative process here, just telling from their picks. Reminds me of Questloves “Babies making Babies” compilation on BBE records. The Golden tunes on “Wake Up Sessions” are ranging from Marvins “Wholy Holy” to Donny Hathaways “Little Ghetto Boy” to Ernie Hines genius “Our Generation” which i guess was also picked for Pete Rock & C.L. Smooths take on it (sampling). A turning point in hip hop and beatmaking in general and like CL said “you only get the credit where credit is due”. All these songs on the Wake Up Sessions deserve a lot of credit, for they appear to be timeless and def the right choice to cover in the combo of the Roots & Legend.  I compiled the originals, accordingly to their playlist to hype you up some more for their upcoming LP, so let me introduce you to all of the ORIGINALS which they are covering, beautiful songs, timeless classics, some forgotten, some absolutely introuvables (on vinyl and in europe at least) but all all have one thing in common: It is soul music with a soul.  These tunes took me quite some time to dig up, back in the day of physical diggin. One tune in particular “Love the way it should be” was new to me and with “Compared to what” i wasnt quite sure which one they meant to cover, Roberta Flack or the much more popular Della Reeves version. But if you want it to be a spiritual album with soul, you got to have Roberta on it. So here you go. Enjoy this fine, uplifting music. Soul music with a soul

The tracklist for the new ROOTS / JOHN LEGEND Soul Cover Album coming out on September 21st, Here is the tracklist with the original songs instead of the cover versions. Enjoy this music for it is “Simply beautiful”.

Wake up Sessions – by John Legend & the Roots – the ORIGINALS by YUM YUM

1. “Compared To What” by Roberta Flack I think they intended to cover her and not Della Reeves. Just bc she is right up there with Donny
2. “Hard Times” – by Baby Huey No denying this tune. Only own a reissue of the original album.
3. “Little Ghetto Boy” – by Donny Hathaway There is nothing that can be said about this tune, that you do not feel when listening to it. + its Donny
4. “Wake Up Everybody” – by Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes Still addressing todays issues.
5. “Our Generation” – by Ernie Hines Has been my favourite song for a long, long time. “In Vietnam – straight it out”. No different to the BS going on today. But i guess it was also handpicked for Pete Rock & CL sampling that tune and the impact they have created with “Straight it out”. They have unknowingly influnced a whole generation. So i have to include this one as 5a) “Straighten It Out” – Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
6. “Humanity (Love the way it should be)” – by Prince Lincoln The only hard one to guess. Listening to it, it fits right in here perfectly. But a truly beautiful album by Prince Lincoln.
7. “Hang On In There Baby” – by Johnny Bristol Sheer Beauty. Also fits right in with Legends vocals. (or Mike James Kirkland?)
8. “I cant write left handed” – by Bill Withers – Listen and understand, why its on here.
9. “Wholy Holy” – by Marvin Gaye – Marvin
10. “I wish i knew how it would feel to be free” – by Nina Simone – Another one of my favourites.
11. “Shine” the only original track that is not covered

To Wake up also has a deeper meaning like all things do. To put it into CLs words “The Funk legacy we pass on… everytime we sample all the past time breaks”. And that Legacy is still a 100% valid today. Go live in the NOW, be right here, right now

droppz NEW embeddable flash player!!! + new, faster sharing music on facebook

Hey folks, i assume you have read my post about our online music player droppz.com and hopefully shared it with ALL your friends?!? lol. Well here are 2 brand new feature and these ones are grrrreat!!

1. droppz now has an embeddable music player that you can add into any of your websites & blogs!

It works just like youtube, if you want to embed a tune, just click the embed icon and grab the code – easy as 1,2,3). Check the player out below! So any track on droppz – you can embed into your site. And thats pretty much just the beginning, before our player get the royal treatment, ie customize it to play your dropped/voted/blogged tunes or this weeks/days favourite tunes on droppz.com. Also check out the link to the original blog source where you can read the post!

2. also!!!  – if you share a track on facebook – just try it out – a link to the tune appears, and that link leads you to the original track ONLY, so no more waiting times at all. (it looks just like the player above after you have clicked the link)!!!Sharing is so much MORE fun now!!!

THX for all your support and have fun peoples, many more news are coming. Like i said everythings a process and this things gonna go places with you..

YUM YUM Vienna – Sommerfest @WUK – “Love Remastered” Tourstart


Dieses Jahr gestehen sich Yum Yum und K-Swiss wieder ihre Liebe zur Musik und präsentieren die „Love Remastered“ Tour 2009.

Am 01.08.09 startet die Tour bei uns in Wien mit unserem YUM YUM Sommerfest:

Sofern uns das Wetter keinen Strich durch die Rechnung macht, beginnen wir ab 17h im schattigen Hof des WUK mit Papa Tilman und seinen sommerlichen Reggea, Soca und Island Vibes im Freien. Ab ca. 22h öffnen wir die Tore zum Forum, wo euch TAND WILLIAMS (YUM YUM NRW) und ein voluntäres Kollektiv seiner Kollegen einen Sundowner aus Soul, Funk, Reggae, Feelgood Tunes und Versions mixen. Im großen Saal entlädt sich dann die angestaute Hitze in einem Sound- und SommerRegen a la YUM YUM mit den DJs BEWARE, FUNCTIONIST, CHROME (YUM YUM München) und SHOWI (YUM YUM Berlin).

Zum Tourstart launchen K-Swiss und Yum Yum zudem eine limitierte T-Shirt-Linie, exklusiv designt von den angesagtesten Grafikstudios der Stunde. Neben den mittlerweile international bekannten „The Zonders“ haben sich auch „smal&paze“ von Klassikern inspirieren lassen und präsentieren Tour-Shirts zum verlieben.

Die T-Shirts erhaltet ihr bei „COMMON PEOPLE“ (Kirchengasse 40/2 1070 Wien). Jede/r Käufer/in eines Shirts erhält zudem freien Eintritt am 01.08.09 im WUK.

Sonnige Grüße von Euren YUM YUMs,

Basti, Michael, Filip, Brane, Jan & Matthias

Zur YUM YUM Vienna Facebook Gruppe