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new Alicia Keys “Empire state of mind pt2”


this track is taken from her new album – and you get what you expect, i like Alicia Keys – just wished she would go sing and play the keys on some more 36 chambers Wu-tang¬† sounding beats and i would eat it up – she would probably start a new (nothings new really) trend.this tune is like those 90ies tunes that said “w/o rap version” in brackets. Somebody pls make a drum n bass version out of it packed with Rakim & Nas samples and some chopped up Primo beats/samples from 94

half the people around me are up on it, so here you have it. i mentioned it her new album – go get and so on.. and nice tune by the way.



She ain’t heavy…

Funkee Homosapian (Deltron 3030)

If a picture paints a thousand words then here’s something to keep your eyes busy… Ali McLeod is a British photographer living in New York City. Graduate of the world famous New School (Parson’s College NYC) Ali has photographed her fair share of the city’s hip hop fraternity, and has published in magazines such as High Times. I think her work is fantastic… (but then I would… she’s my sister… ssshhh!) I hope you all do too.

If you would like to check out more of Ali’s work and show some love, head on over to her site and say hello!