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Chromemusic presents Mayer Hawthorne – short recap w pics

It worked out fine just the way we figured. A nice show by one of the most promising new acts in a small cib to have a REAL live venue – you could literally pass your drinks to the band and to quote Mayer: “What a strange arrangement”, but the guys loved it, due to the sticky icky, the girls who took such wonderful care of them and of course the live, live audience that showed up on this holiday and amde it a night to remember. The thank-yous & praises were flooding facbook the day after. Here are some of the few pics that we have received and nice re-edit of “Maybe so, Maybe no” by our buddy King Most that skillfully incorporates Kanye West Vocals into the Mix. Click play and check out the pics.


Maybe So Maybe No Intro _King Most Refix

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Short recap of YUM YUM Nrw w. DJ Ayres


There is honestly not a lot to say besides that it was an über-awesome schnitzelgiggen fest. In fact some people were even too awesome and so we had to let them go. DJ Ayres and I kicked it back and forth and we had such a nice time with him. Hope you make it safe to Dublin and see you soon mate.

We had a few pictures taken but I haven’t managed to talk to the photographer yet. She’s probably still asleep. But those pics will be up in no time.

Once again: thanks so much for making it mine.

Short recap of last YUM YUM

First of all: a big thanks to everybody who showed up. Alex and I had a ball. And from what I heard (and saw) everybody else who was there had one too. Unfortunately we had to turn down a lot of people since the club was packed by 0.15 AM or so… plus the ventilation didn’t work properly for a while. So sorry for that!

Here’s what my iPhone had to say about the queue (0.36 AM):



Boy… that was something. Unfortunately no further pictures of the night. We need a photo scout. Urgently! Anybody? If you took some pictures post them in our group or send them through.

Yours sincerely – http://twitter.com/tandwilliams

YUM YUM Comic book & Recap of last Friday in Munich

Last YUM YUM in munich on friday feb, 6th:

(sorry about the pics – most were taken in the early hours, not enough crowdpics,you’ ll get the idea)

…way more than 1000+ turned up. we had to turn down about 500 people, which we are terribly sorry for. i guess cutting YUM YUM in munich down to one date a month is doing nobody a favour. but take our sincere apologies people, if we had the time and an adequate venue we would definitely not throw it once a month. but we really want all of us to have a great time – basically thats whats the difference between YUM YUM and everyone else. and before we start taking compromises, we better just do it monthly. thx for making mine YUM YUM. a unique sound & approach to music without barriers, that is spreading around the planet. thank you all very much for all the love. i guess what goes around comes around.
About YUM YUM on a monthly basis: Do you know how it is to hold a bird in your hand and watch it grow? You know what to do…

Our next YUM YUM in munich is gonna be the first friday next month on march 6th (in 3 weeks). be sure to catch up with us. Djs will be Chrome & Tand, who hasnt been here for some time now and i guess Max or Notfx to have us a good time. Top friend floor will be run by two close friends: YUM YUMs own Schu & his band colleague Sep.

Gonna be a massive night and i am really lookig forward to it. Can you hear me calling across the ocean?

download full comic as zip: yy-comic-munich-feb-09

ps more YUM YUM dates: Innsbruck this Saturday Feb 14th,

Leicester (Uk), all the way in China – namely Shanghai at MAO we have our second installment of YUM YUM in Asia, and the 3rd bday anniversary in NRW coming up next Saturday Feb 21st.

Berlin at Scala – end of February – on Sat 28th.

Vienna starting out May 30th.