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next YUM YUM in Munich Sat October 31st @ Stroke

YES, this one is taking place on Saturday October 31st at  Stroke – the Urban Art Fair (check their website for all infos on the exhibition) – how to get there via google maps. Beneath our Artwork you will find a couple of Artimpressions that i have lifted straight from their site.

Bild 1

Here are some of the Artists:




For more Impressions & Artists go here

More on this exhibition next week


kid cudi “makehersay” sammy bananas

Knock – Knock – Knockin the boots

Knockin the boots, used to be a “fresh” expression in the early 90ies.

Also it was absolutely every girls favourite rap track by Candyman.

Sammy Bananas remixed it for his Braids & Fades EP on Fool’ Gold, which you can get right here at TTL.

Both digital & and as an actual record, just like back in the 90ies…


Sammy Bananas “Ladies”

the original Candy Man track (poor 128 kbit)


Candyman “Knockin Boots”