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PSA: ChromeMusic Night Live @ Miao w/ Achtabahn & Prinzregent this saturday

CM Night - Achtabahn

Hey folks,

the 4th ChromeMusic Night takes place at MIAO (Dachauerstr. 14 – Munich) this saturday October 31. Your hosts are Achtabahn & Prinzregent. We’re really looking forward to celebrate all our favourite songs from Deep & Melodic House, Tropical Vibes to Organic Dance Grooves and in between. The ChromeMusic Night completes every saturday as it starts when the ChromeMusic Radio Show ends. So you can listen to the radio show while walking there and start dancing when you’ve arrived :)

RSVP to the facebook event if you want to be on the guestlist: https://www.facebook.com/events/1082773528407534/

Ps. Also make sure to tune in on egoFM this saturday from 9 to 11pm and listen to the next radio show #8

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Flausen ft. Ben Cocks – Fly Away For A Summer (Deep Chills Remix)

Ok, this weeks tune is definitely Deep Chills remix of Flausen’s “Fly away for a summer“! He gives the track another smooth relick and, hence the name, a lot of deep chills. I especially like the Klingande-like Synth part that just keeps on grooving and after his recent retake on Sonnengruss’ “Night & Day” has reached a cool Mio plays in 3 weeks and an official video is being shot right now and, and, and… The man is back to work, this time smoother, but i can see folks picking up on this tune everywhere. Just a smooth melodic relick of a tune that is already a chilled beast in disguise. I think Deep Chills new take and the original will both be huge this winter. This one sounds like a dramatic ‘summer’s gone” song that everyone in the western/northern hemisphere can relate to. I mean, just look outside your windows. Bottom line: Another huge winner by Deep Chills!

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Sonnengruss ft. Chu – Second Chance (George Whyman Remix)

Wow, Sonnengruss got remixed again and it’s George Whyman who delivers the goods. He’s a house producer & remixer based in germany and “music is his balance for everyday life”. We love Chu’s voice as it fits perfectly to the musical spheres Sonnengruss creates. Great song for your playlists!

Watch the beautiful slow-motion video to this song on TDG’s youtube http://bit.ly/1OTbfFt.

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Free Download! Sonnengruss – Storyteller (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Remix)

Beautiful song to start your day to. Our new favourite & still mysterious but very interesting act Sonnengruss got remixed by belgium duo Vijay & Sofia Zlatko. We are still stunned by the fact, that their Day & Night (Deep Chills Remix) was #1 for three days on hypem.com and people went nuts when we played it live or on our ChromeMusic Radio Show. It’s beautiful to see Sonnengruss grow naturally like everything should do.

Free Download http://bit.ly/1OvJylT

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Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams (Sonnengruss Remix) [Free DL]

Another new (but actually old) offering from new favourite act Sonnengruss. We are still overwhelmed by ‘Day & Night‘, which held #1 on The Hype Machine for several days and that’s pretty darn awesome for a newcomer. Although not an official follow-up, since it’s an old mix of theirs, Lisa Mitchell’s beautiful ‘Neapolitan Dreams’ got it’s 2014 remix, and it got released on soundcloud a year later. This is what they said about it:

“This remix was originally scheduled for release last year (Sept 2014). It will finally see the light of day at the end of this year.”

Make sure to grab your free download: https://www.hive.co/l/2z1p

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