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Adidas Originals Munich Cityguide

Feeling like Cpt. Artschool? Lost your way? Too many mainstreamers infiltrating your coffee shops?

Out buddies over at artscoolvets.com posted the Adidas Originals Cityguides for Munich and Berlin. The guide was crafted especially for locals but it also works as a tourist guide. In addition to the hot spots you can enter competitions like “Tag Your City” or the “Star Wars Sticker Invasion”. We’re very happy that artschoolvets.com and chromemusic.de had the opportunity to contribute to this guide. You’ll get the guide at selected stores only + find more information on how and where right here.

If you’re either in Munich nor in Berlin this Friday you maybe wanna say hi to the guys of STW2D who featured Adidas Originals at The Live Magazine over the last days plus you’ll get to party at YUM YUM Friday night. Be in for a treat.

YUM YUM meets STW2D // Stüssy Tribute Party

YUM YUM meets stw2d

Right now there is an ongoing exhibition taking place in Bochum featuring the past, present and future of streetwear and its culture called the live magazine which is hosted by Streetwear Today (stw2d). We are very happy to announce that we are going to throw a massive YUM YUM next Friday, Sep. 24th at this very joint. During the day the Stüssy gang will present what they have accomplished and how they have developed during the last 30 (!!) years.

We are quite eager to open up the dance floor since a lot of you folks usually have to come down to Duisburg and we couldn’t think of a better way to make it up to you guys. Also there will be a second floor featuring DJ Kaos (MySpace) and Paul Mogg (MySpace). So you’ll be in for a real treat.

Anyway… here is some music to get you started


Mark Ronson feat. Ghostface – Lose It

aaaaaaaand don’t forget to RSVP to the event on Facebook. You can get the directions there as well. See y’all on Friday.