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Extra, Extra!!! YUM YUM Shanghai this Saturday @ MAO, June 6th

whew, almost slipped our mind – YUM YUM Shanghai taking off this Saturday, June 6th before these two geezers in the front are reunited next week, after missing each other in Bangkok last month – by actually no more than a couple of minutes. DJ will be the guy in the front, aka Hansomeboy Hensel/ Kamikaze – here is his Dj Kamikaze – lunch $$$ Mix mix. [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/lunch.mp3]

– ps dont be fooled by the hiphop way it starts out. me liike.

In a world of ex-pats, which Shanghai definitely is – things are run solely via facebook –

catch all information via fb events and support the Party here.


Title: YUM YUM Shanghai
Location: Mao
Description: located at 46 Yueyang lu/Donping lu

Start Time: 22:00
Date: 2009-06-06

YUM YUM Sommerfest + Open Air on Wed May 10th @ Alte Kongresshalle, Theresienhöhe 15 + new Mix Cds

Its been a long time coming:

We always wanted to bring you the YUM YUM sound in an Open Area. Too bad there aren’t any good ones in munich. Thats why it took us so long. Especially with YUM YUM being cut dow to only one date a month (believe you me – it wasn’t our idea) people have been asking us for a second date and have been urging us to geta  2nd date – but frankly there weren’t any good spots in munich – every other location besides Registratur would have been a Ghetto Upgrade – and we didn’t want to have a 2nd YUM YUM just for the sake of it – we decided to wait until we had a good spot – even if only for one night.

But on Wednesday, May 10th its on (theres a holiday the day after, k?). The BBQ & Open Air Area starts @ 9pm. Main floors start @ 11pm.

UNLIKE Registratur – THERE ‘S ENOUGH ROOM FOR EVERYONE @ Kongresshalle >>> ADDRESS: Theresienhöhe 15, right behind this old lady -need a map: show on google maps here

With us as Munich residents and original team – Chrome, Schu, Not:fx – guests are coming in from almost all other YUM YUM Spots: YUM YUM Berlin – Schowi, YUM YUM Shanghai – Kamikaze and YUM YUM Vienna – dj Beware – which is premiering the following Friday, June 12th @ Cafe Leopold. There are supposedly 3 areas, i really hope that works out, A YUM YUM Main Area (huge spot – with a great soundsystem), A YUM YUM Open Air Area another huge Garden with some delicious BBQ food by the cook of Walther & Benjamin and a rather smaller and noisier Top Friend area. You will be in for a treat.

This is the first gathering of some of the YUM YUM cities and venues and i am really looking forward to this one. We ll get to hear the YUM YUM sound of 4 cities and some good friends of ours are coming down – just like a huge family reunion. This is the reason why we are going other places – to have this kind of exchange going – and its worked out very well everywhere – with the right mindset, attitude, care, friendliness, setup, people and the right friends who understand what we are doing here. (ps after the summer there are 2-3 more cities being added to the YUM YUM network)

We will be giving out the new YUM YUM Vol 9 and a second Mixcd we made specially for our people. And there will be plenty for most of you.

Enjoy last months favourite YUM YUM tune and hit up our event on FACEBOOK here.


“kids-feat-mgmt” – Chiddy Bang

YUM YUM Shanghai, looking for toys at Retro Exhibition

There is a toy exhibition of old asian, retro looking toys, robots and memorabilias taking place. Our man Kamikaze who is also a talented grph artists will go down and check it out. they already started talks – he is gonna try to take some pictures and create a similar looking YUM YUM feel to create their own East-asian artwork. really looking forward to his pictures. Read the full report.

Ps. READ THIS! (lol) : A note on finding the place: the warehouse space is down an alley way located at 767 Wanhangdu Lu. Take your cab to Kangding Lu and Wanhangdu Lu, and walk south along Wanhangdu Lu towards Wuding Lu (it’s in the middle of that block). There should be a blue balloon on the “767” address sign of the alleyway on the left side of the street, facing south.

Go into that alley way and walk about 70 feet down, and the space is in a building on your left. There should be someone there directing you and another blue balloon.

Yum Yum in Shanghai this Saturday January 10th

This Saturday YUM YUM has it’s
Kick off in Asia, precisely in Shanghai China.

Shanghai is a Boom-Town since the past few years
for young expats in any kind of business and life is fast and funny.
That’s why we decided to start YUM YUM here with the help of
DJ KAMIKAZE, a German wiz-kid who moved out here a while ago.

Check out Kami’s myspace to get a vibe and of course if you happen to be in
Shanghai come by Club MAO to rock with YUM YUM.

6 Yueyang Lu, near Dongping Lu

Here is a track to keep you going: