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“Living my Life like its Golden” new YUM YUM tees by the Zonders!!! coming this June! pls share

Its been a while, but we finally have new YUM YUM tees. Designed as always by the magnificent Zonders! We are trying to bring you new ones on a more regular basis and i think we have found the key to do so from now on. As soon as these shirts hit the shelves we will update you on the site and on our new facebook page and basically every means of communication we have ;) – So hooray,

The design was inspired by this tune – a true YUM YUM CLASSIC, and if you listen closely you can still hear the crackles from my original vinyl  that i recorded this mp3 from:


“Golden (YUM YUM Classic) by Jill Scott (rmx by Collen & Webb)”

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new YUM YUM T-shirts

All the new YUM YUM tees in co-op with K-swiss. Designed by the Zonders, Michmann & Räuber & Sonnenstraße. The Tees are available at Amen Store in Munich, at Biohauspiraten in Frankfurt and online at ARTSCHOOLVETS! in Berlin.



ARTSCHOOLVETS tees are allready floating around in munich, so they mentioned us here in this blog entry, besides they are the ones fair trading our tees in Berlin. So i do hope to see them when Schowi, Ben & me kick it off in Berlin Saturday nov 29th. THX for the blog Love Vets, right back at you. No better way to show appreciation but with some good music. Like Krs1 said in ’88 “…but how many veterans are out there paddeling?”. The ArtschoolVets got their s%&$ together and are more likely to tame the winds of the ocean.