Best YUM YUM Tune 2006 Results

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Top Tunes 2006

  1. Kanye-Fornia Kanye West vs Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  2. Roxannes Hump The Police vs Fergie
  3. Rockin Robin Jackson 5 vs Gnarls Barkely
  4. Feel Good Mary Mary J Blige vs Gorillaz
  5. If monkeys ruled – Gorillaz vs Nas & L. Hill
  6. Lost & Upside Down Jack Johnson & Lauryn Hill
  7. Fresh Angel Pharrell vs Kool & the Gang
  8. Time after Time Cindy Lauper re-edit
  9. London Payback James Brown vs Fergie
  10. Caine & Cheeba Method Man vs Eric Clapton & J.J.Cale