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YUM YUM NRW September

Just finished our comic review of last Saturday. You can grab it here.

On Saturday 29th we’re having our big premiere @ Bakuda in Dortmund. You can find directions via Google Maps. We handed out a mix cd for getting yourself a picture of our sound and tunes we’ll be playing. For all of you who didn’t get a copy we uploaded the whole mix (17 tracks!!) and you can load it via ZSHARE. Also you’ll find the cover here.

Hope you enjoy this and see you all on Saturday 29th @ Bakuda.

The SOLA PLEXUS release party last month was a biggie. In the beginning not our regular sound at all but people just went mental. See for yourself in this little footage of setting everything up and early hours of the evening. Some of you may have seen this but it’s worth a repost. So here we go.
September 15th we’ll have our very next YUM YUM aproaching. Also we’ll have a big premiere in NRW. Following everyone telling us that a month of waiting is a pretty long time we’re having our first YUM YUM at Bakuda in Dortmund on Saturday 29th. Speaking bout having another regular in NRW. More on that soon.
We’re really looking forward to this. So grab a friend and step by.

See you in a bit!