PSA: dates this week + short announcement


Thx to everyone for coming down last friday in Vienna @ Loft, and on saturday last in Stuttgart @ Keller club! Both places were amazing, live and jumping thx to everyone involved! Both spots are new on the YUM YUM shedule, and have proven to be a great choice. More on that soon in a seperate post. Ps only one date this week with YUM YUM Nrw going down at 100Meister in Duisburg. Gonna be large! Ps we are working on a submitting form for our chromemusic so that the users (folks like you) and not only the authors (the YUM YUM djs) can write blogposts and submit new music, when thy have good material to share. lets see how this thing works out. i’ll let you know by next week. have fun with the many posts this week. see you in a sec