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★★★★★ recap: YUM YUM Sommerfest Video

Here is our video recap of last weekends YUM YUM Sommerfest. Almost all our Djs & peoples came together to play music with each other, have a drink too much, celebrate the remaining days of summer, come together as the family we are and enjoy life as we always do. It was a marvelous night to say the least and we will do this more often.

Thanks to: everybody at chromemusic, Max Mausser, Schowi, Tand Williams, Palina Power, D-Nice, Irving Jr, Caro, Coco, Tipura, the Girls @ Chicas, Katha, Lü & Omid & Idris, Gökhan, Taran & Suhur, Danny & everybody @ Bklyn, Andre, Andi, Roland, Deneb, Row, Jane, Angelika, Sara, Jesse and everybody else involved in YUM YUM. way too many to mention.

The video is done by our friends & close YUM YUM affiliates Haze, who will be working with us much more in the near future. Hope you like the video as much as i do.

PS there is a 2nd video coming in the next few days if we have enough good material left. song by jai paul

YUM YUM Sommerfest this Friday July 29th @Muffatgelände/ Munich

YUM YUM Sommerfest

This will be a Massive dance on Friday. It has been some time now and now we are officially bringing all of our Friends, buddies, common enthusiasts together. Also our new chromemusic redesign will go online that very night with a 100 new features(!) Trust me, you are gonna like the new chromemusic design.

This Friday is gonna be a massive night, with us having our first official Sommerfest in 2 years (!) and its happening on 3 floors + a nice outdoor area, with YUM YUM Djs + crew from all over Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nrw, Cologne, 2 of our people form Vienna and so on..). Also the CHICAS Sommerfest is happening at Ampere and we have been friends for many a years as well as BKLYN happening in the Outdoor area, who we have been friends with for as long as i can remember and they are part of our crew. This is such a lovely thing to happen and well in my opinion a massive dance i have waited for, for quite some time now. Here is the full floor list:

  • YUM YUM Munich @ Muffathalle (halfsize): Chrome, Max Mausser & D-Nice.
  • YUM YUM Berlin @ Cafe: Schowi (YY Berlin/Bass Ill Euro), Palina Power (YY Berlin, MTV Home), Irving Jr (YY Berlin, Top Friend)  & Schu (Ya-ha, Blumentopf)
  • CHICAS Sommerfest @ Ampere: Tand Williams (YY Cologne/Nrw), Tipura (YY Stuttgart), NotFx (YY Muc/ Crux)
  • BKLYN @ Outdoor Area: Danny & Ana de Mier (the soulful outdoors)
  • all Visuals by Doublevisions, the entire area are by my buddies, the very talented Gene & Chris.

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PSPSPS!! new YUM YUM TeaserMixtape coming this Thursday, and until then have fun with our brandnew Sweet Serenade mix.

Here is how to get to Muffatgelände via gmaps

+ i was about to post some music, but well this entire website should speak for itself with all the music on it. thats what we play at YUM YUM throughout the lands and you know that, and we actually supply at least half the djs & parties i know with the music material. so here is a photo from our last Sommerfest instead.

YUM YUM this Saturday, Jul 17th @ 100Meister

YUM YUM this Saturday, Jul 17th @ 100Meister
Saturday, Jul 17th
100Meister, Duisburg (Directions via Google Maps)
Tand Williams // Not:FX
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Top Tunes July

Summer is in full effect and so are we @ 100Meister this Saturday Jul 17th. With DJ duties up to Tand Williams (http://twitter.com/tandwilliams) and Not:fx (http://twitter.com/notfx) we’re about to celebrate another warm long hot summer night with the latest in our very own colorful YUM YUM Sound. Expect all new versions which already boarded iPods everywhere. We’re looking forward to dance the night away somewhere inbetween Soul, Funk, Reggae, Double Times & YUM YUM Versions.

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/gyptian-major-lazer.mp3|titles=Gyptian – “Hold Yuh” – Major Lazer Rmx]

Gyptian – “Hold Yuh” – Major Lazer Rmx

YUM YUM @ 100Meister this Sat, June 20th

YUM YUM @ 100Meister this Sat, June 20th

Gather round kids… it’s time for another issue of our beloved YUM YUM at the olde 100Meister. Not much to say… DJ duties will be up to Tand and Schowi. And from what I heard the kids are eager to play. Doors will be open by 11pm sharp as usual and we will be handing out Chrome latest treat YUM YUM Vol. 9 as a cd (limited stock).

In case you haven’t already, join our Facebook group and RSVP to the Facebook event.

Really looking forward to this one since Schowi wasn’t able to come over last time due to another gig on short notice. So we kinda wanna make it up to you guys. Enjoy!

YUM YUM @ 100Meister this Sat May 16th (and comic book)

Seeing the numbers over the last month there is no doubt about it… the kids want YUM YUM! And we sure give it to them. Our next YUM YUM @ the all famous 100Meister in Duisburg will take place on this Saturday, May 16th. DJ duties will be up to the dynamic duo of Max Mausser and myself (Tand Williams). It has been four months since we spun together and we can’t wait. So this one will be off limits. My advice would be to show up early but seeing you pouring in over the last months so early I guess I don’t have to tell you any longer.

Don’t forget to RSVP to our Facebook event and to join our Facebook group if you don’t already have. In case you wanna join the YUM YUM family as a volunteer we have a place for that as well.

And last but not least here is the long anticipated comic book of last YUM YUM in April. This one was crafted majorly by Tobias who also took most of the pictures in it. The delay is on me. So sorry bout that, thanks Tobias and you kids have fun with this issue. You can either watch the gallery or download the whole thing as an archive.

Enough talk. See you on Saturday!



ps: expect to hear this one loud on Saturday as well as all the other Top Tunes for May.

!!!YUM YUM Party recaps of the last weekend (pics will follow)

YUM YUM Berlin – did damage – hope they have any pictures this time. Larry Tee was around and about everyone from Hamburg, incl former Vienna drinkmaster and VodkaBot Dsl.

YUM YUM Nrw – comic will be online by tonight, latest tomorrow. Eleven and Tand had a blast from what they are twittering, saying “best YUM YUM in months” – but they say that each and every time – how many more people do you wanna pack?

YUM YUM Manchester – Stevie in his own words: “Hi Filip, rob and I have started djing every Friday at the venue, this should boost the profile of the monthly parties. Venue packed out, amazing response, can’t give CDs away quick enough! About 10 people demanding my number email etc for more yum yum info. Unfortunately laptop took a fall (cost £250!) so doing the best I can with the phone this week, I’ll give you a shout later in the week for a chat.. “