Short recap of our 3rd anniversary YUM YUM in Duisburg

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Duh! That was one hell of a night. We had to close the doors at almost 0.30 because the place was packed. Approx 650 people turned the club into a raving mad place (the club is designed for 500 people) and we had to turn down another 200 people from what I heard. The redesign of the stage turned out to be a good thing and people were able to actually dance and were not cramped like it was for the last 3 months. In the late hours it slipped out of our hands musically (way too electronic) but we were celebrating pretty hard plus Alex (DJ 5. Ton) had to get used to our sound so please bear with us. Besides I think he did a great Job and I’m pretty sure he’ll be around again soon enough.


The song of the night can only be : Only When I’m Drunk (YUM YUM)

Thanks again for making it mine this time and for the last three years!! See you next time on Mar 21st with DJ duties up to not:fx and myself. Take care.

PS: I’d like to send a special salute to Jerry who brought a cake with three candles on it. That’s right! So show him some love on MySpace for his Project Sola Plexus. Check out “Talk2Mii”.

PPS: A short flick will be online till the end of the week. Photos are MIA… if you took some hit me at