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YUM YUM Freiburg /// 1st anniversary and still going strong

YUM YUM Freiburg - Saturday, May 12th 2012

YUM YUM pumping a muscle in south Germany and I’m not talking about Munich this time. One year ago Chris and his entire crew invited us to ye olde Bootshaus and to be honest: we kinda had a ruff start but oh boy we were getting there. Since we moved into the Jazzhaus YUM YUM became one of the top nights within Freiburg and a household name within the whole area.

I was lucky enough to play at both spots and we had mad fun! I think there is a video of me and Dan Gerous somewhere on the internets but unfortunately it has been edited and Dan looks somewhat like a zombie vampire with stars in his eyes… so I hope for your understanding if I do not post a link here ;)

Anyway, this Saturday you will be in for a treat when the Avengers (aka Max Mausser, Dan Gerous and Funk Messiah) assemble (!) and deliver you the latest in YUM YUM music and sound. Here’s a link to this month’s YUM YUM Top Tunes so you know what you’ll sign up for.

And remember: friendly is still the key.

PS: Here is a link to a Facebook event so you can RSVP if you’re into such things.

YUM YUM Krefeld Anniversary

May 7th 2011
Magnapop (via Google Maps)
Max Mausser // Tand Williams // Meskla!
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Top Tunes Monat April

Everyone’s looking forward to this weekend’s birthday blast. One year ago YUM YUM Krefeld started off and got all of us some awesome nights with good vibes, nice tunes and happy people.
So what else should we do to celebrate this as inviting our friends Max Mausser from Munich and Tand Williams over and giving them the support of local hero Meskla?!
Hoping that lots of people willing to dance and celebrate are gonna come, the first 100 are getting their hands on the brand new mix!

Looking forward!

PS: If you wanna have the chance to win one fancy YUM YUM Tee make the flyer to your profile pic on Facebook and RSVP to the event. 5 of those tees will be in for you. Winners will be noticed and get their shirt on the party.

Danay Suarez – Esta Guerra Tan Violenta

Top Friend 1 year anniversary

This Thursday night @ Erste Liga, Top Friend turns one and the djs are: Schowi, the inventor of top friend party in Berlin & Munich resident & newest addition, Irving Jr on the decks. What more can i say?


Tune of the moment – Gyptian – “Hold Yuh” – Major Lazer Rmx


If you dont know the original, you just missed last winters reggae Übersong, but here is your chance to recheck it:

Gyptian – “Hold Yuh”



Irving Jr Top Friend Mix

Short recap of our 3rd anniversary YUM YUM in Duisburg

Duh! That was one hell of a night. We had to close the doors at almost 0.30 because the place was packed. Approx 650 people turned the club into a raving mad place (the club is designed for 500 people) and we had to turn down another 200 people from what I heard. The redesign of the stage turned out to be a good thing and people were able to actually dance and were not cramped like it was for the last 3 months. In the late hours it slipped out of our hands musically (way too electronic) but we were celebrating pretty hard plus Alex (DJ 5. Ton) had to get used to our sound so please bear with us. Besides I think he did a great Job and I’m pretty sure he’ll be around again soon enough.


The song of the night can only be : Only When I’m Drunk (YUM YUM)

Thanks again for making it mine this time and for the last three years!! See you next time on Mar 21st with DJ duties up to not:fx and myself. Take care.

PS: I’d like to send a special salute to Jerry who brought a cake with three candles on it. That’s right! So show him some love on MySpace for his Project Sola Plexus. Check out “Talk2Mii”.

PPS: A short flick will be online till the end of the week. Photos are MIA… if you took some hit me at tand@chromemusic.de.

YUM YUM NRW 3rd Anniversary Mixtape

YUM YUM 3rd Anniversary Mixtape

Now here is the promised mixtape (actually a cd) especially crafted for our 3rd anniversary in NRW. It covers a lot of my favorite tunes at the moment. Hope you all enjoy it.

[haiku url=”http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/yum-yum-3rd-anniversary-mix.mp3″ title=”Title of audio file” graphical=”true”]

YUM YUM 3rd Anniversary Mix

See the full tracklist below…

YUM YUM 3rd Anniversary @ 100Meister this Saturday

Woohaa! This one’s gonna be massive. I know we drop this a lot but this time even we’re a bit affraid of what’s going down this Saturday Feb 21st when we open up and celebrate our 3rd anniversary in Duisburg which has become a household name in the Ruhr Area nightlife in no time and still is.

Unfortunately Schowi isn’t able to make it due to an unexpected appearance at this years Echo in Berlin on short notice which happens to be on the very same date. Sucks big time. But the problem is already solved and we’re happy to announce that we have a very appropriate substitute selected and approved by Schowi himself. Speaking about DJ 5ter Ton who will play a very similar set and sound along myself.

Reacting on the door situation last time (we had to close up at 1 o’clock because the place was exploding) we will rearrange the dj booth and make room so people can dance on the stage. So make sure you show up as an early bird to make it to the floor which will be a mad place.

Take care and see you in a bit!!

PS: There was an 1Live Moving Mix on the air on Saturday night and from what I know there will be another broadcast next Saturday. I’ll post this on Sunday right after the party for everyone who missed it.

PPS: Speaking about mixes… There will be a YUM YUM Mixtape (actually a cd) handed out that night which was made especially for this occasion. Hope you all enjoy it. Will be available online a few days after.