YUM YUM Munich, this Saturday @ Praterinsel +++ a new YUM YUM short mixtape “Sunshine Inside”


New YUM YUM coming this Saturday, April 2nd at munichs prestigeous Praterinsel (via google maps)

Finally, while still waiting for our new club to happen, we decided it was about time, to have one proper YUM YUM in Munich this Saturday, and also a second one at Praterinsel on April 30th. This is gonna be a massive night with the dj duties up to chrome, max & smileyface d-nice. Make sure to RSVP to YUM YUM on Facebook.

We have a Short Mixtape prepared called “YUM YUM Sunshine inside” which you can grab here. Its a teaser for the full upcoming new YUM YUM mixtape, out mid April. Have fun and see you Saturday


YUM YUM “Sunshine inside” (short mix pt1)

Pt 2 is coming soon (put them both together and you have a proper mixtape)


1. Hold Yuh – Gyptian (accoustic version)

2. Abrazame – Los Rakas

3. Like a Gipsy – Kenyatta Fire

4. Africa – Hackney Colliery Band (chromes YUM YUM version)

5. Rolling in the Deep – John Legend (acapella cover)

6. Rolling in the Deep – Adele (YUM YUM version)

7. Hot like we – Cecile

8. Rocksteady – Rox

9. Bang Bang -K’naan

10. Relator – Peter Yorn & Scarlett Johannsen

11. After all this time – the Beautiful Girls