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John Legend – Live It Up (featuring Miri Ben-Ari)

Classic, yes, the man had good songs, even the crooning was alright like that. #SuckerforSoulSamples

i’m a #sucker4soulsamples

Unreleased by Kanye from Consequence’s album ‘Take em to the Cleaners’. John Legend on the Vocals. Still today, one of my favourite tunes when playing. YUM YUM classic


Kanye West & Consequence – So Soulful

Rolling In The Deep (DJ Eleven Remix)


As always djing with Joe was great fun and everybody went mad on the dance floor. Just before he left NY he finished this remix inspired by chrome music. Here is what Joe had to say about it:

It took a minute, but I FINALLY got this remix of John Legend’s take on Adele’s monster hit polished up just hours before heading to the airport for my European jaunt. (A rougher version is on the promo mix elsewhere on 11InchRecords). Thanks to the Yum Yum guys in Germany for providing the inspiration, Eugene Tamborine for the additional keys, and Icewater for his deft engineering hand. I hope you enjoy!

Rollin’ In The Deep (DJ Eleven remix) by 11InchRecords

If you’re in Munich you can catch Joe at Crux this Saturday, May 28th.