This Weeks “Best Of” Compilation is Even Better! 13 Songs To Prove My Point! YouTube Gold #2!!

After so many of you shared YouTube Gold #1 there is plenty of more material and new channels on YouTube popping up left and right it seems like this is turning into a weekly thing. So enjoy this weeks new playlist! I heard it three times so far, and its even better than last weeks. There are three tracks i am going crazy for and that you will definitely find in this months YUM YUM Top Tunes! Most of the songs are Free Downloads, all you have to do is look up these songs on soundcloud and download it there. And you do the artists a favour.

31 Songs That Will Make You Want To Build A Pillow Fort!

A perfect roundup when waking up in your (hopefully) cozy bed, while the weather outside suggests to stay inside, or enjoy the dawn of day bathing in the sunlight coming through on your wooden porch, or having brunch with your loved ones on our your old french balcony. Either or, this playlist is for the finer moments in life, when you don’t have the time to scorch through tons of music or browse itunes into oblivion, just to get the right soundtrack. Enjoy these 31 sweet talking highlights in singer songwriter music. The mood is all set and warm, enjoy this very moment…

That Moment When Hipsters Find Their God! ARTIST TOP TUNES # 1! Playlist By LCAW!

Let me introduce you to a new segment – Artist Top Tunes. We’ll have artists we like presenting their very own Top Tunes. It may be their current favourites or maybe some motto playlist. Here’s where we feature their selections in a fine handpicked playlist! Anyways welcome to # 1!

The first one is about LCAW, this young kid from my hometown, has been a favourite of ours here, not for his unprecedented production skills, not for his charms or anything like that. He just selects the right songs to edit, plus adds a little magic and there you go. And i am a full on supporter of that production approach when it serves the quality of the music – And IT DOES!

You have may have heard his Daughter remix on my latest mixtape as the final song, or read this post about another Daughter Edit of his.  So i asked him to put together a playlist of his current favourites, since i have faith in his taste and honestly… the guy delivered! 5 of my own current favourites are on here as well! So here you go! Enjoy his fine selected current Top Tunes selection! Artist Top Tunes # 1. Hipsters, push play and meet your maker!

LCAW ::: Soundcloud ::: Facebook ::: Hypem ::: Twitter :::

PS A Short Observation On Hipsters By, As Usually Brilliant, Jerry Seinfeld

Can’t Stand Another “Best Of” Compilation? This Will Change Your Mind! YouTube Gold # 1

YouTube Gold # 1

With these new playlists we intend to select the best new music, that we find on Youtube. Especially the “new” music channels, such as “Majestic” & “TSYN” and so on, which paved the way for a whole new breed of music presentation on YT, not consumption. Music has always been heard, searched for and uploaded to youtube, more than any other place on the webs, but these channels took a tumblresque look and blogging approach to new music especially remixes, to stay out of legal troubles, or even get their channels deleted. Instead of just focusing on the sound, like most blogs, it was equally about the visuals with an audience already 100% conditioned on images rather than reading or even scanning. You have almost seen all of the images before and associationwise that was a major bonus. All pics were dreamy, sexy, romantic, arty, fashionable in combination with beautiful nature, summer or sunshine tumblr moods and got paired with (mostly) cutting edge music to make it click.

It’s actually the same thing as blogging used to be, back when it all began, before social media was even a word, before it all exploded and transformed into a circus of tens of thousands of music critics (aka formerly known as passionate bloggers). I remember when we all started, it was from the heart and i still believe that’s where your content needs to be, where it needs to derive from and where it needs to go… Don’t be a robo! Be passionate about your work!

Back to the YouTube channels: These new channels search the blogosphere, artists fb pages, their soundclouds and other channels so that you don’t have to, and they copy + paste from each other just like the bloggers usually do and so on. We are gonna filter their latest music so you don’t have to. Pack it all up in a handselected playlist to give you a current roundup of their best new featured tracks. So YOU ONLY HAVE TO PUSH PLAY ONCE! OY, these are the best new tracks on their channels from this still very young, new year.

The Top 29 Marijuana Anthems! But You Didn’t Expect These Songs

We all dig reefer that’s why i put this playlist together, with music ranging from jazz to country, praising the herb. I deliberatly ignored reggae and hip hop tunes, except a few must haves on this list, since those two ‘genres’ are like a paid advocate for the herb.

So the next time you…

i hope this playlist will have you going…

And if you are the kind of guy that has some reservations against Mother Mary, well

From my own experience i can tell you that if you happen to have a late night smokefest in the company of your ladybug, you will either a) pass out or b) it will most certainly lead to some hot, steamy…

As a conclusion, after having had some strong miraculously delicious herb for the past few weeks, there’s not much i can say but…

Enjoy the mix (the playlist) happy new year and one love… hahahaha, seriously!