5 Future Funk Tunes You Need To Download Now!

Future Funk i guess means…

5 Free Downloads by Gramatik, Branx & Ageless that you are gonna love. If This is what the Future sounds like why i am listening to it now, in the present? Unless… this is not the present, but this is already the future, so in this case, what we call the present is the past and you guys are way behind… Grab the Free Downloads!

YUM YUM Top Tunes February. Wherever You Go, No Matter The Weather, Always Bring Your Own Sunshine!

Wake up folks, this months YUM YUM Top Tunes are here!

After switching up CM almost 4 weeks ago, many thought our top tunes are gone for good, but i can reassure you, they are going nowhere.

So here’s this months top tunes selection of 31 tunes to make you go…

…and some are best to be played in these moments…

I hope it’ll get you through many days and bring you the sunshine you might pass to others. So share it with your people, strangers and many others and let them go..

Push play for way over 90 min of continuous YUM YUM Top Tunes

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13 Tracks To Prove Why KYGO Is One Of The Most Inspiring New Producers In The World!


One of the best and maybe the most interesting beatmaker slash producer to emerge in the last couple of months is definitely 22 year old Kygo from Norway, who is still pretty new on Soundcloud and Facebook, but who deliveres an distinctive production style which sets him apart from everybody else. Always deep and moody with those keys that sound like some spaced out electronic version of a pan flute played by the norse gods somewhere in the troll mountains of Norway. Have a listen, get inspired by these uplifting mystic sounds and get the free downloads simply by liking Kygo’s FacebookPage.  So here’s a perfect playlist for sunday meditation with the best songs he has to offer.

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These Songs Prove Why SOHN Has Only 8 Tracks On Soundcloud But Close To ONE MILLION Fans!

An Introduction To SOHN.

Damn Sohn, Where Did You Find This One?

…ever since i heard “The Wheel” somewhen around last spring i was hooked and if you like your music atmospheric, moody, mostly dark, with cutting edge production and the Zeigeist feel of today and the spacey tenderness of James Blake… Congrats! You have just reached the next evolutionary level. Enter SOHN who popped up out of nowhere – at least on my radar – and ever since has proven himself to be a very reliable source for quality music with a distinctive feel to it. The texture’s mostly organic, even though he labels his work as electronic, and the feelings transported sound like the combined feel of the modern day singer songwriters. Very ambient based with hints of beatmaking and the sheer reduction of dominant elements. Man must be smoking some good herb. Ask him where he got it from on his : Facebook ::: Soundcloud ::: Website : and ESPECIALLY his YOUtUBE channel

Artist Top Tunes # 3 – Playlist By Dinner Date

The Name Dinner Date may not ring a bell, but honestly everyone and i mean literally everyone seems to know his Jose Gonzales Rmx “Crosses”. I heard this tune getting played wherever i went and in whatever spot i had a chai in for the entirety of last year. A mellow folky anthem underined and laced with an addictive groove. It was even one of our top tunes for last year and his latest effort, a remix of Angus & Julia Stone’s “All Of Me”  was another of our favourites. And also being a native of our hometown i had to go investigate :) So it is of no surprise that i asked the man for his currents and these Top Ten songs are his favourite tracks at the moment, packed into a nifty playlist. Have fun

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