#ChromeSelects: Niklas Ibach


Ibach, kid of ’94, sounds like an extravagant but never overbearing conductor, giving way to classic instruments, leaving the vocals to dance. His persistent tempo throughout each track created something smooth, each lined with their signature production.

1) It seems you draw on horns, flutes, classical instruments for your sound. Can you tell me where this muse comes from?

I think my penchant for classic instruments comes from my diverse but mainly classic-based music education. I started to visit the opera when I was young and also had a conservative and strict piano training with a Russian teacher. When I was about fifteen years old, I discovered electronic music, but my interest in classical music or jazz never reduced.

2) “Lessons of Harmony.” What goes into each mix? How do you decide what makes the cut?

Generally the sets have a totally different atmosphere. I think my journeys through different seasons and phases have a big influence on my emotions. Mostly, I pick one track which accompanies me for a longer life as my main track. The rest is just building my complete set on this track and the mood it spreads.

3) In an interview with Soundspace in January you predicted Sam Feldt would make waves and he has. Who else should we be listening to?

Yes, I remember it. I’m so happy for Sam that it all worked so good for him. I guess next time you people should listen to my prophecies. ;)

4) How did it feel to appear on a talk show? Nervous? Did you have your answers prepared?

It felt so unreal. Actually, I’m not the person who enjoys standing in the focus. On the other hand, it is exciting and I felt a bit honored, of course. But yes, I was nervous and I still am at bigger shows like this. No, unfortunately I did not know the questions before.

5) What set or set(s) stood out to you at ADE?

It is a pity that I had no time to hear one single set. I arrived only on Saturday in Amsterdam because I had a gig the night before. On Sunday morning was my flight back.

6) Pre-performance meal?

For me, the best performance-meal is a dinner with the organizers or other artists. But not too early though, I prefer to go directly from the dinner to the show. A bottle of wine should not be missed, of course! ;)

7) It seems your music can pick up speed and slow down while keeping the same tempo throughout. How do you structure a song so it says in balance?

You listened attentive, my lessons have constantly the same bpm. I do not even know exactly, I go by my feelings, subjectively, which rhythms and harmonies match together.

ALO WALA – Vibrate To Win EP

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ALO WALA is on some next level ish. This EP, billed, as “Interplanetary,” gives us three tracks to party to, rage to, and to round it out, chill to. Reminiscent to “Dirty Vibe” by Skrillex, this mix mosh of a group featuring Punjabi-Indian rapper Shivani Ahlowalia and Danish bass producers Julius Sylvest and Copyflex, also known as the duo Copia Doble Systema (that’s a mouthful) hits with a sexy “I’m a Boss A** Bit**” vibe on “Texi Mexi.”

Round two takes reverb nation head-on with an Indian beat, making for all the workings for a dubious repeated sample not to be messed with.

If round one & two are like Goliath, then round three, “The Coconut” is like David, subtle and poised but ready to strike on an easy Sunday playlist. This track lays on the beach, where Brooklyn Shanti winds us down with relaxed vocals.

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ChromeMusic Top Tunes May

CM Top Tunes May

May is one of my favorite months of the year (at least in Germany). The sun is getting stronger and warmer day by day, most of the time you still need something to cover in the early mornings or late evenings but for me it always feels like even the earth is taking the first deep breath and starts to lean back and relax a bit more than the months before. People seem to remember how it feels to be outside, how it feels to breathe in some fresh air and they start to lift their chests up again. After months of just starring at the ground. Yeah, people smile again and so does nature too.
So go out, prepare your bicycles for summer, plant some flowers and enjoy our lovely collection of…

Top Tunes May

ChromeMusic Top Tunes February

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Germans are notorious as punctuality but you might have noticed already that we are not the best example for this clichee. So we missed our Top Tunes in January and shared with you our YUM YUM Top Tunes Yearbook of 2014 instead. But now it’s time to continue with our monthly collection of songs we listen to and simply love. Just with one little change we decided to make. Instead of calling it YUM YUM Top Tunes we go with CHROMEMUSIC Top Tunes from now on. It just makes more sense since we are collecting tunes of all genres and not just the typical YUM YUM sound. But don’t worry – we will still feed you with YUM YUM Versions and Mixtapes of our great Djs. And love, happiness and passion will always be included no matter how it’s called. Take it as a pre-spring detox thing. It’s like cleaning your closet – socks to socks, hoddies to hoddies. Everything is still there you will just get a better overview ;)

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