Tanz Dich Glücklich! The Soundtrack Of A New Generation // Playlist

“Tanz dich glücklich” means roughly translated ‘dance yourself happy’ or yet rather ‘dance yourself into blissful joy’

tanz dich glücklich

tanz dich glücklich

These tunes have been everywhere in the past few (has it really been) years. I’d say 1,5 – 2 years but that whole movement has been going on for even longer. Starting with the rise of a new generation who liked those indie tunes and never saw a valid border between accoustic music and electronic productions. That has been said so often before, but these kids respect both. You heard these songs at all kind of bars and almost at any student gathering, any kind of younger (mind you – hipster) meeting. We have been supporting these tunes with our blog from the very start or as soon as we knew about them, which was kind of early – since we did a complete mixtape series (Sweet Serenade) with the songs these kids use in their songs. I am still and always will be grateful for any kind of new movement, cleaning out old sated egos who just fullfill all the stereotypes – of people representing old clischees (looking at you electronic music gone-bys). These kids are filling clubs and the lousiest promoters are getting their hands on them. All they want to do is have a decent venue with little to no suburban hooligans so they can get their dance on. Heck, i even did a mixtape with most of these songs which you can download here – Barfuss Boogie.

So we decided to gather a young friend of mine or two and hook up a party (regular) with the help of our young buddies LCAW & Dinner Date, whom we intend on promoting. Just take a look at the massive improvement of their production skills over the past year alone. Both them guys topped the Hypemachine at least once or twice and some eagerly over ambitious manager weasels are trying to screw them over – left and tight (again, looking at you electronic music gone-bys and no-timers). So since the party is called Tanz dich glücklich, we thought it might be a brilliant masterpiece (irony OMG) to hook it up with our favourite shop in munich called Kauf dich glücklich, which is the perfect place for those kids and for us. Now you know what kind of folks you will run into and rest assured – there won’t be no compromises. So to get you warmed up, before we release LCAWs official TDG Mixtape tomorrow – here’s a 70min playlist to warm up your grey sunday skies.

Here is a playlist with all the artist whose music we helped (among millions of others) bring to light online. Among them are LCAWDinnerdateZwettePeer KussicFlic FlacThomas Jack– – Milky Chance

YUM YUM Top Tunes May – “Spring won’t let me stay in this house any longer!”

“Is the spring coming?” he said. “What is it like?”…
“It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…”

top tunes may

top tunes may

Last month was kinda slow on CM but here’s a roundup of our favourites. Shorter than usual, but the quality is all up there. So here ou go enjoy and share it with your folks ;)

Ps Ps don’t forget to check out our new Sweet Serenade Mixtape Vol 6 and also our also our complete Sweet Serenade collection.

“April Is A Promise That May Is Bound To Keep.” Our YUM YUM Top Tunes For April.

“Words can only hurt you if you try to read them. Don’t play their game.”

Apologies for keeping you waiting… but now we are here, so jump in the ride…

batman joker bus scene the dark knight heath ledgerAnd this months ride has some fairly big booming tunes. So this is the…

multipass 5th elementCheck out this months Top Tunes selection, enjoy the ride & have fun like only real models & silverbacks can. Live in the moment… I mean yolo, brohams.

having fun like male models zoolanderThrow your exhausting bad vibes overboard and enjoy some good music…

What Was Once Lost, Is Now Found Again! Here Are Your YUM YUM Top Tunes For March

Notice how music in general is getting nicer and more positive?

Like i said Pharrell is gonna be all over again. And rightfully so. Happy is No 1 tune in the States right now, even though a year old, and that’s why i added our 6 months old remix to this months Top Tunes. And what i really like is that music in general is moving away from the depressed, aggressive, lifeless and sterile sounds of the past few years towards our YUM YUM sound. Styles and sounds move in cycles so we are right now getting back to the sound that YUM YUM started with. Funky, happy, empowering, uplifting music. On ChromeMusic i used to call this sound “Nice” so obviously loads of copycats came along left and right and started calling their mimickery nice, while they had no clue as to what that really meant (like watching a porn flick and calling it love). But why stop calling it what it is? It is nice music, when playing it you ‘nice up’ the dance, and some tunes are so nice you have to play them twice.

Pharrell knows what that is about. Being happy and giving positive energy.

About playing music for yourself and your friends that you’ll love to celebrate to and go ape shit to. Stuff that you’d play on a beach, out in the open, and that you’ll dance barefoot to in a garden…

Even the guy who’ ll never win an Oscar agrees and salutes this noticeable turnaround in music.

Hope you enjoy this selection as much as Pharrell & fluffy bear do.

Ps Whenever i think of things disappearing i always wonder “Whatever happened to my topfriend Tom”?

Enjoy this month Top Tunes selection & Follow the links for Free DLs!

So until next month, with the next part in our almost ten year old YUM YUM Top Tunes selection! See ya!

18 Tracks To Prove Why FlicFlac Create Some Of The Nicest Alternative/House Edits

…”but, they just added a kick to that song”…

Everybody’s favourite Austrian beatmakers make a sweet mix out of tender and well known indie anthems by bands like Angus & Julia Stone, Bon Iver and basically all the music every alternative, hipster cafe has played during daytime for the last couple of years. Well they get a lot of criticism from the guys that call themselves real “electronic producers” and i hear that a lot when we meet, but one thing should be taken in consideration when criticizing someone for just adding a kick or doing minor productions on finished tracks… When you go out to dinner, it’s not the amount of ingredients and spices that counts but whatever gets served on your plate. And sometimes, or actually quite often, less is more. Take the italian or the japanese cuisine for example and their simple but carefully selected ingredients of just one or two spices like olive oil and some good salt, that makes every tomato taste better.  It still tastes like the very same tomato, enriched with a few rewarding flavours.

“why make edits at all?”

Same goes for this whole edit game that took flight on Soundcloud over the past few years. Apart from the overproduced US EDM tools that are more marketing than anything this is another one of the common trends on Soundcloud. Edit a simple song and make it danceable for the floor. And with their Warner release of Bedouin Soundclashs’ Brutal Hearts ft Coeur de Pirate you will wonder if they have done any production at all compared to the original, but the result and that thumping kick will have you grooving once on the floor. We will see how good their own productions fare, and you can be justifiably sceptical, for we have seen too many edit creators fail as actual musicians, but when it comes to simple edits for your house game: Point proven and case closed. Enjoy these 18 selected edits of some already lovely tracks!