YUM YUM 17.03.2006

This Friday YUM YUM is coming to town,
meaning Munich and NRWs Duisburg,
Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th its on.
We welcome our guests Marek (LB) and resident
up north Tand. Really looking forward to playing a
nice set with plenty of new tunes. Superb night with a
superb backing by an elegant old school deejay.
Back and forth was an easy thing to do like this.
Area two was flawless contrast music by Munichs
own Trachtenvogl – one of the most popular places
and a bar that stand for the lightness of living,
which at times can be unbearable but not tonight.
Their musical policy is similar to ours, just not self designed.
Plus we just started redesigning the website
– it might take some time,
cause cash rules everything around me.

we’ll be back on track soon enough.

YUM YUM NRW Mar 18th

YUM YUM NRW Mar 18thOur second night in NRW coming up. The first one was doing very well and an excellent start, but like i said we are just starting out and still trying out stuff but we are definitely getting there. Great night, good people and loads of fun. Friendly is still the keyword.YUM YUM Top Tunes in March

  1. J.Johnson&Lauryn Hill Lost & Upside Down (YUM YUM Vers)
  2. Kelis vs India Arie Million Dollar Video (YUM YUM Vers)
  3. Pharrell vs Kool & the Gang Fresh Angel (YUM YUM Vers)
  4. Dr Dre & Snoop Next Episode Reggae Version Upstate Rmx
  5. Bob Marley & Damian Stand up Jamrock
  6. Nina Gordon covers Straight outta Compton by N.W.A. (only Video)

YUM YUM 03.03.2006
YUM YUM Top Tunes in March 1. Jack Johnson & Lauryn Hill “Lost & Upside Down“(YUM YUM)
2. Kelis vs India Arie “Million Dollar Videoâ€? (YUM YUM Vers)
Pharrell vs Kool & the Gang “Fresh Angelâ€? (YUM YUM Vers)
Dr Dre & Snoop “Next Episodeâ€? Reggae Version Upstate Remix
Bob Marley & Damian “Stand up Jamrock“

(No. 6) Nina Gordon covers “Straight outta Comptonâ€? by N.W.A. (only Video)

This is our Top Tunes Selection for March:
We got plenty of new tunes to play to you this Friday. It’s mad – realizing that most of you don’t even know the new Jack Johnson Song and we already got a neat version of his new track feat Lauryn Hill. By the way this is the short version of our mix and this Friday you are gonna get to hear the complete version.
Looking forward to a very inspiring night..

YUM YUM 17.02.2006

YUM YUM: Well, well, well it’s been a long weekend.
This Fridays YUM YUM was off the hook.
Schowi and me got down to business, and we were
getting it on till 6 in the morning (to quote a famous Snoop line).
Sorry for turning down so many at the door, but we simply couldn’t fit more in without making it unbearable – but I honestly think the bouncers did a great job.
It was crowded but never too pushy. Also our other guests U-ras & Singhi were excellent from what i have heard & seen. Thanks again to all of you for making this a very special night to remember.
The atmosphere was just going through the roof
that night

Ps stay tuned for Marchs Top Tunes:

YUM YUM NRW Feb 18th @ 100Meister

YUM YUM NRW Feb 18thOur big premiere is coming up on the 3rd Saturday of February. Djs are Chrome and Tand Williams, with a large selected of tested bootlegs and YUM YUM versions never before heard in the NRW region. Bringin some light and colourful sounds to the grotesque clubscene of today. Friendly is the keyword.

Our YUM YUM top tracks for February:

  1. If monkeys ruled – Gorillaz vs Nas & L. Hill (YUM YUM mix)
  2. Drop it like it’s close – The Cure vs Snoop Dogg (YUM YUM)
  3. MercedesBenz – Janis Joplin – Re edit by Chech
  4. Santa’s got a Bag of Soul – Poets of Rhythm
  5. S.O.S. Rihanna (using Soft Cells Tainted Love – about time)

YUM YUM growing and glowing.

YUM YUM 03.02.2006

YUM YUM Top Tunes February 20061. “If monkeys ruledâ€? – Gorillaz vs Nas & L. Hill (YUM YUM mix)
2. “Drop it like it’s closeâ€? – The Cure vs Snoop Dogg (YUM YUM)
3. “MercedesBenzâ€? – Janis Joplin/Re edit by Chech
4. “Santa’s got a Bag of Soul 7″ – Poets of Rhythm 5. “S.O.S.â€? Rihanna (using Soft Cells Tainted Love – about time)

Download our two new exclusive versions ranking at spot one and two. More to come..Still wreaking havoc whenever i play it is last months no 1: The Mary J blige track is just getting some air time right now, so i guess we have been too early once again. You are definitely gonna hear this one (only at YUM YUM). Everybodys fave tune at present.
Feel Good Mary” Mary J Blige vs Gorillaz (YUM YUM version).
No 4
on our list a track by Jaws’ Band (my partner next Friday). Strong Tune. also worth mentioning:
Earworm (stateside)mixing Eric B and the White Stripes.